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Like all Investigation Discovery true-crime series, this one tells the story of disturbing crimes through a combination of narration, interviews and dramatic re-enactment of actual events. Each episode focuses on a single crime in which a victim is subjected to brutal and terrifying criminal acts. The series debuted on the Discovery cable network in 2014.

Wednesdays 10:00 PM et/pt on Investigation Discovery
4 Seasons, 34 Episodes
October 22, 2014
Crime, Reality
Cast: Eric Abraham, Clark Sarullo, Kevin Todde Coughlin
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Your Worst Nightmare Full Episode Guide

  • Sisters Bre and Kayli Lasley have just moved into the perfect apartment in downtown Salt Lake City, unaware that a recent parolee is living close by. That is until one quiet night when suddenly their lives cross paths in an explosive way.

  • Twenty-year-old single mother Tracy Whitehead is starting to turn her life around when she falls for attentive Joby Palczynzki, then his jealousy starts to overtake their relationship, and she soon comes to realize she can run, but she can't hide.

  • Budding New York fashion designer Jenae Aragosa falls hard for bartender Trevor Frederick. But as the dark side of her new man comes to light, Jenae comes to realize she'll be lucky if she makes it out of this relationship alive.

  • Florida teen Karen Slattery is enjoying a night babysitting her neighbors' children, until a violent intruder bursts into the home and vanishes with no trace. With the community on edge, police know they don't have much time before he strikes again.

  • College dancer Jodi Sanderholm has spent weeks practicing her team's big performance. So when she vanishes hours before the event, it doesn't make sense

  • Sandi Musk starts dating Andy LeFleur while separated from her spouse, then Musk attempts to break things off with LeFleur only to discover he is the kind of person who won't take no for answer.

  • While out for a run in the Montana wild, 22-year-old college student Kari Swenson is taken captive by two mountain men. When she discovers of their twisted scheme for her, she'll do anything she can to get away or die trying.

  • Problems from a single mom's past threaten to ruin her future.

  • A small-town girl believes she's found the one, but when his actions become a cause for concern she starts to worry that a secret from his past may have a deeper meaning than she originally thought.

  • A man's obsession with a sexy lawyer becomes nightmarish for him.

  • A lady begins a new life after fleeing an abusive marriage and firing a troublesome employee, but is soon trapped in the web of a familiar enemy.

  • For 17-year-old Sarah Wisnosky, college is all about new adventures, so when she catches the attention of a flirty frat member, she's glad to play along, then the college freshman find out he's hiding an ugly secret.

  • College sophomore Gina Tenney finds out she has a stalker, then comes head to head with her tormentor and figures out she knows him.

  • The Millers always believed something was off when it came to their oldest boy Steven, then he turns from strange to sinister, and there's no guessing how far he will go to gain his family's recognition.

  • On Mother's Day, new mom Tennyson Jacobson fights off a harmful intruder during her daughter's nap time.

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