The series follows two complete strangers, Lola and Chelsea, who intervene in a fatal carjacking while waiting at a suburban bus stop, and are subsequently thrust into a chase from authorities across Australia with a vehicle filled with cash. The strangers must rely solely on each other while they are on the run.

Monday at 8:40pm on Seven Network
2 Seasons, 22 Episodes
February 9, 2016
Crime, Drama
Cast: Rebecca Gibney, Geraldine Hakewill, Anthony Phelan, Nicholas Bell

Wanted Full Episode Guide

  • In a desperate bid to take the fight to their pursuers and finish it, Lola and Chelsea put it all on the line. But a devastating betrayal will threaten to bring it all crashing down.

  • David's mistakes catch up with him and put everyone in danger, and Lola must revisit a past life to find safety as enemies approach from all sides.

  • The women are forced to explore new methods of raising money to bring David to safety in New Zealand, and Lola spends tense time with Ray. Josh Levine arrives to help the local police.

  • As Ray closes in, the perilous and spectacular chase for the gun takes Lola & Chelsea deep into the unknown and close to disaster. David's secret puts him in serious danger in Bangkok.

  • When Lola's son is kidnapped in Thailand, she and Chelsea must exhaust every reserve of resourcefulness they have in an effort to find and free him in the chaotic underworld of Bangkok.

  • When Lola's son is kidnapped in Thailand, she and Chelsea must exhaust every reserve of resourcefulness they have in an effort to find and free him in the chaotic underworld of Bangkok.

  • It's the thrilling conclusion. Will Hye In be able to expose SG's crimes in her final episode, or will she put it all behind her to live peacefully with her son?

  • The stakes keep getting higher as just a few episodes of Jung Hye In's Wanted remain. Detective Cha Seung In goes on the hunt for the recently abducted Lee Ji Eun.

  • Everyone scrambles to save Hyun Woo after the culprit's identity becomes known. SG Group decides to get more actively involved in bringing this episode to a close.

  • The kidnapper's intentions become clearer, but SG Group tries to interfere with the show's production.

  • As pieces of the puzzle start to get filled in, Jun Hye In redoubles her commitment to rescuing her son.

  • With the mission freshly delivered, the TV show's staff hectically puts a show together. The accomplice to Hyun Woo's kidnapper is extensively interviewed.

  • After encountering copycat criminals and desensitized children, the show's staff finally realizes the effect Wanted is having on the public.

  • After Song Jun Ho's bombshell cancellation, the production crew scrambles to stay on course. Despite all this, a new mission comes in.

  • Thanks to Hyun Woo's quick thinking, Jung Hye In finds an important clue. Later, the show is put in jeopardy by an ambitious journalist.

  • With relations still strained, Lola confronts Chelsea about her own secret baggage.

  • The chase for the car with the money leads Chelsea and Lola to the wild Baruma Bush Bash.

  • Lola returns to her hometown of Wooradulla, but her past comes back to haunt her. Chelsea learns Lola's dark secret about a terrible night twenty years ago, and the trust between them is shaken.

  • Chelsea and Lola's road trip hits a speedbump as they run out of petrol and find themselves lost and dehydrated in the bush. Camping out overnight, the two begin to bond, while Boke, a pathological hitman sent by Ray, is hot on their trail.

  • Chelsea and Lola cross the Queensland border into supposed safety while they try to work out a plan. However, they're being tracked by the task force set up to solve the bus shooting.

  • Two women are falsely accused of murder, and go on the run across Australia in a car filled with stolen money.

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