This Old House

This Old House is an all American television series and magazine that covers projects involved in renovating houses within certain periods of time, usually weeks. The show is broadcasted alongside another series Ask This Old House, which are both owned by This old House Ventures.

Ask This Old House, is done such that people who read the magazine are asked to send various questions that they have about all sorts of projects related to home repairs and home improvement. These questions and worries are then answered by experts in the field of home repairs and renovations. Sometimes, answers provided by guest experts feature in the magazine.

Ask This Old House, which is also a part of This Old House is quite similar to the other show Ask This Old House. It is also hosted in an open space and features the same experts in This old House.

The venue of the show is usually an open space in a rural area in Boston. Here, answers are provided to most of the questions sent by viewers. Sometimes, in every episode, some home owners are paid a visit by some of the handymen on the show who provide assistance in carrying out certain tasks in projects such as painting, plumbing.

The show is underwritten by a series of people and associations but was originally underwritten by Weyerhauser and Owens-Corning.

Since creation, the show has experienced a lot of changes with respect to its theme song. However the initial theme song used for the show was a song written by the joint collaboration of Mitchell Parish and Fred Coots and was performed by Fats Waller.

This show has aired on other channels like PBS, The Learning Channel and Local TV stations where it had other names.

It is produced by WGBH Productions and distributed by Warner Brothers.

37 Seasons, 925 Episodes
February 20, 1979
Cast: Kevin O'Connor, Norm Abram, Richard Trethewey, Tom Silva

This Old House Full Episode Guide

  • Erik Kaminski finishes the staircase. Kevin and landscape architect Kim Turner to connect a reproduction antique light fixture to a granite lamppost. Richard shows the systems for getting water from the well. Scott Caron shows how the backup generator is installed. Electrician Heath Eastman installs the crown jewel of the cupola. Roger and Kim turn the muddy pit into a beautiful front yard. 25

  • Erik takes delivery of the kitchen cabinets, and Kevin assists with installation. In the backyard, landscape architect Kim Turner shows Roger how she's installing reclaimed granite as a rustic patio. The den gets some formal wainscoting. The homeowners meet with designer Kristina Crestin to select interior paint colors. Erik installs the factory-made staircase. 24

  • General contractor Erik Kaminski shows Kevin how he installs clapboard siding. Roger, landscape architect Kim Turner, and homeowner Bill select salvaged granite for the yard. Richard and Erik discuss the insulation plan for the house. Richard sees how the geothermal pipes are connected in the basement. At the factory in Vermont, Kevin sees the kitchen cabinets coming together. 23

  • Drilling begins on a geothermal system that will reduce the Harbs' energy bill by almost 50-percent. Norm tours local first-period homes with housewright Matt Diana. Kevin travels to the Vermont factory to see the stairs and wall panels being built. Back on the North Shore, Kevin learns about a new technology to seal ductwork. 22

  • Kevin visits a reproduction first-period colonial home to find out how houses were roofed 400 years ago. Up in Rupert, Vermont, homeowner Bill shows Kevin how the reproduction light fixtures the couple selected are handcrafted. Window installation begins. Norm heads to Maine, where homeowner April and interior designer Kristina Crestin search for salvaged doors for the pantry and dining room. 21

  • General contractor Erik Kaminski walks Tommy through the first floor. Kevin meets homeowner April and interior designer Kristina Crestin to see the plan for the living/dining room. Erik walks Kevin through the house and shows him how they're raising the roof. With the main house framed, the crew moves on to the garage. Exterior trim arrives, and fascia board gets attached to the rafters. 20

  • An inspector arrives to approve the new foundation. Kevin sees how Erik Kaminski installs the perimeter drain, which will keep groundwater away from the house. Landscape architect Kim Turner explains her landscape plan, making the property look like it's been there for a very long time. Matt Khoury leads the start of the framing process as Richard checks out the numbering system for the panels. 19

  • Tommy and Kevin visit the Vermont factory where the house will be built, as general contractor Erik Kaminski watches the first shipment of framing parts leave. Richard meets Ed Akerley, who drills and blasts through the rock ledge to make room for the foundation. Norm and Erik watch as Scott McKenzy and his team build forms and pour concrete for the foundation. 18

  • On the North Shore of Massachusetts, homeowners Bill and April Harb begin building a traditional farmhouse with building methods at the forefront of innovation. With the site plan, Kevin and Roger walk around the property, pointing out the first steps in the process. Norm and Tommy tour other factory homes built 5 years ago and 105 years ago, learning about the methods used for assembly.

  • Designer Linda Cloutier oversees kitchen countertop installation and discovers a unique idea for the sink. Norm and Tommy build a columned divider. Richard reviews changes to the mechanical system. Mauro Henrique applies special primer to one wall in the kitchen. Interior designer Amanda Reid uses window treatments to create certain looks and Tommy walks through the house with the homeowners.15

  • Roger replants the trees and shrubs he dug up before construction began. Landscape designer Jennifer Nawada puts the finishing touches on the backyard. Norm visits a craftsman carving two newel posts to match the main staircase. Tommy installs kitchen cabinets. The marble countertop and claw-foot tub find their new home. The tree house is complete and ready for the kids to enjoy. 14

  • Norm builds a ladder on the tree house. Tommy lays decking and Kevin instals balusters. Mauro shows Kevin how he preps the 120-year-old shingles for a fresh coat of paint. Tommy installs a new storm window, and the original refurbished windows are installed. Tommy puts the finishing touches on a custom trellis. Tommy patches the parquet flooring in the entryway using reclaimed wood. 13

  • Tommy creates an arched feature for the new gable above the front porch stairs. Then he adds the finishing touch to the front porch: cedar columns. Kevin travels to Vermont to see an artisan create a custom floorcloth for the kitchen. Tommy builds the porch railings, which require a special detail in order to meet code. Kevin begins a labor of love: a tree house for the kids. 12

  • Tommy converts a glass-paneled storm door into a custom mudroom-porch window. Interior designer Amanda Reid selects Victorian-inspired paint colors for the main living areas. Tommy clads the porch piers in white cedar shingles. Mark Ferrante lays marble tile in the master bath walk-in shower. Tommy lays down classic white oak tongue-and-groove floors in the kitchen and master suite. 11

  • Tommy lays down a mahogany floor on the new front porch. Homeowner Katherine and interior designer Amanda select new modern fixtures. Tommy explains the difference between open- and closed-cell foam insulation and applies both to solve an ice dam issues throughout the house. Two new gas fireplaces are installed on the first floor. Tommy lays out and install the shingles on the front porch roof.10

  • Tommy frames a new mudroom. Architect Mat Cummings has put together a couple of color-scheme options for the exterior of the house. Richard travels to New Bedford, Mass., to see the claw-foot tub undergoing restoration. Electrician Allen Gallant shows Kevin the remnants of old knob-and-tube wiring and snakes new wires for new fixtures. Tommy shapes new molding to match existing exterior molding. 9

  • Kevin finds Tommy out front, beginning the framing of the front porch with the ledger board. HVAC expert Brian Palen solves the puzzle of snaking ductwork through an old house. Kevin heads to Brimfield, the world's largest outdoor antiques show, where homeowner Katherine searches for furnishings. Back at the house, Tommy has finished the deck framing and shows Kevin how he builds the stairs. 8

  • Kevin learns about the plan to keep the existing boiler and add a ducted system with condenser for AC. Tommy's crew replaces the old steel main water line at the front of the house. Mason Mark McCullough lays brick for the new porch piers. Tommy pours a concrete "rat slab,". Homeowner Katherine and designer Amanda Reid are making final selections for the bathrooms.

  • Mason Mark McCullough starts laying blocks for the mudroom foundation. Tommy builds a custom bay window for the new kitchen. Norm visits the shop where the original windows are undergoing restoration. Tommy shows Kevin how he uses a Dutchman's patch. Kevin, designer Amanda Reid and homeowners Katherine and Murat meet at the Boston Design Center to discuss plans for the formal living room. 6

  • Tommy calls in an excavator to begin work on the footings for the new porch. Norm meets homeowner Katherine and kitchen designer Linda Cloutier in the new open kitchen to discuss the layout. Kevin helps Tommy and his crew frame in the new closet and bathroom for the master suite. Tommy removes all of the old fiberglass insulation with a giant vacuum. Norm and Tommy resize an existing door.

  • Tommy explains how he assembles a flitch beam, and begins to install the first of two in the kitchen. Kevin travels to West Virginia to see how laminated veneer lumber is made. Richard discovers a rear-mounted toilet on the 3rd floor, and replaces it. Landscape designer Jenn Nawada shows her ideas for the shade-covered space. The braces come down and the open space is revealed. 4

  • Tommy jacks up the basement ceiling with temporary braces. The homeowners want to save the marble sink and claw foot tub in the second floor bathroom. Tommy gets the final beam specifications from the engineers plans to hold up the back of the house. Richard tours Belmont's 1853 Homer House. Tommy carefully pulls up flooring so he can reuse it to patch other areas of the house. 3

  • Roger and Katherine take inventory of the plants, which Roger hopes to save and replant. Tommy explains the structural plan for the kitchen/dining area. Architectural historian Joe Cornish and Norm tour Belmont's Victorian homes. Tommy inspects open walls to determine structural support for the newly opened space. Dave Greenwood repairs the window pulley systems throughout the house. 2

  • A new project begins in Belmont, MA with a focus on salvage and restoration. Homeowners Katherine and Murat Bicer plan to revive their 1895 Victorian by building a front porch, refurbishing the original windows and opening up the kitchen. 1

  • Over three special episodes, This Old House is partnering with Homes For Our Troops (HFOT) to build a house from the ground up for one Army veteran and his family, as a way to highlight the heroes who have given so much for their country.

  • Norm and Kevin observe the transformation that has taken place. Kitchen designer Michele Kelly shows Richard the design and technology smarts built into the Kieval's new kitchen. Interior designer Robin Gannon shows Norm the creative and strategic updates she made. Kevin and Jody join Jeremy and Tom in the kitchen to see the finished space, the new breakfast area, screen porch, and back deck.

  • Roger and sod grower Pat Hogan install a new variety of turf. Plumbing contractor Kevin Bilo and plumbing inspector Duke LaConte do the final plumbing inspection. Designer Robin Gannon and Matt Allen turn design into reality, including the sliding barn door hardware to hang salvaged interior doors. Richard shows Kevin the finished mechanical room and makes final heating and cooling decisions.

  • Roger and landscape designer Tim Lee place the first new plants in the planting plan. Richard uses two kinds of radiators to bring heat to the garage and upstairs sitting room. Bob Young shows the new insulated steel garage doors. Tom shows Kevin the progress on the upstairs laundry room. Master electrician Allen Gallant shows how he's installing a massive wrought-iron chandelier with 52 bulbs.

  • Master electrician Allen Gallant shows Kevin the new LED ribbon strip lights he's using under the cabinets. Norm and Tom build the new mudroom storage system. Richard and Tom review the critical need for ventilation. Wallpaper hanger Mark Pehrson shows Kevin his technique for applying wallpaper to a ceiling. Painting contractor Mauro Henrique sets up to paint the accent wall.

  • Roger starts the new bluestone front walk despite some significant challenges. Norm finds tile contractor Mark Ferrante installing porcelain tile made to look like slate. Kevin meets Richard to see the sink and faucet set. Roger visits a stone salvage yard to see fabricating antique granite for the front walk. Kevin sees the granite steps in place and lends a hand as Roger sets the house marker

  • Kevin finds the second floor sanded, stained and sealed. In the kitchen, the cabinets are mostly installed. In Lexington Center, just steps from the Battle Green, Kevin meets local designer Robin Gannon to see how she decorated 22 rooms of a historic inn. In the temporary garage workshop, Norm shows Kevin how he's turning a chest of drawers into a sink base for the new powder room.

  • Norm recaps progress on mudroom and kitchen Tile contractor Mark Ferrante installs a porcelain plank floor tile that is made to look like wood. Master electrician Allen Gallant shows Kevin how to properly abandon an old electrical box, and how to fish wires to a new one. Kevin shows how to patch in the huge holes where the old recessed lights were.

  • Gutter fabricator Mike Vidulich installs one-piece covered gutter. Roger shows Kevin the native plants he's using to turn a patch of lawn back to nature. Master electrician Allen Gallant shows Kevin the existing aluminum wiring in the old part of the house and how he's update the recessed light fixtures. Norm visits Londonderry, NH to see how they're testing two types of windows for our project.

  • Norm and Tom install reinforced fiberglass columns to support the new farmer's porch. Richard meets plumbing contractor Brian Bilo and local plumbing inspector Donald "Duke" LaConte to see what he's looking for at our rough plumbing inspection. Kevin and Tom meet building commissioner Fred Lonardo to see what goes into the rough mechanical and rough framing inspections.

  • Tom shows the new mudroom door and the new clapboards which match the old around it. Two weeks of rough electrical is coming to a close as the subs call for their inspection. Kevin meets electrician Allen Gallant and inspector Alix Berube to see what goes into a rough electrical inspection. Tom shows Kevin how he's using a hybrid railing system that has cedar posts and railing caps.

  • Roger meets landscape designer Tim Lee to see how the small stream in the backyard affects all other areas of the yard. Roger shows Kevin the valuable shade plants that could be damaged in the process. Tom and Kevin cut away a five-foot section of wall to connect the new kitchen to the old great room. Richard shows Kevin two common rough plumbing conditions in the kitchen.

  • Norm visits the Hancock-Clarke house to see where Paul Revere stopped to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams of the British troops during the American Revolution. Kevin recaps how the roofers applied new architectural shingles to tie the old house in with the new addition. Richard fight to keep the P-trap from the new bathtub from interfering with the decorative ceiling of the new kitchen.

  • Kevin finds the front gable wall of the second floor up, and the roof framing underway. Tom installs a 24-foot long LVL to temporarily hold up the second floor. Architect Frank Shirley shows how people have used front porches to lend character to Colonial style homes. Tom shows Kevin the framing of our new farmer's porch and then they build a small overhang to extend the look across the garage.

  • Kevin discusses This Old House's history renovating Colonials. Kevin visits a concrete shop in Amesbury, Massachusetts. Norm explains the framing of the first floor platform from underneath, then climbs up on top to see how Tom is building the rear gable wall of the addition lying down. Roger gets underway with the layout and excavation for the new footings for the first floor addition.

  • This Old House kicks off the second project of their 35th Anniversary Season: an addition to a 1966 Colonial Revival in historic Lexington, Mass. With a history that extends back to the time of the American Revolution, Lexington is home to a strong tradition of Colonial-style homes that are still popular today.

  • After five months of work in Charlestown, the exterior is nicely restored. Greg Smizer test-drives the new internet-based security system. Kathy joins Angela and Kevin to see the former dining room transformed into a sophisticated sitting room. And the new kitchen: cabinetry, tile, storage, a splashy new powder room, and the window seat addition was worth all of the hard work

  • Tom builds a hidden door to the basement. Marble specialist Danny Puccio shows Kevin the new Carrara marble island top. Fence contractor Mark Bushway installs a new PVC fence on top of the retaining wall. Norm and Tom restore the old, weather beaten exterior front steps with a grinder. Stone specialist Steve Torok installs the salvaged marble mantel and surround in the sitting room.

  • Tom shows a new four-panel front door with glass transom and sidelights in traditional Greek Revival style. Angela's cabinets have arrived from Pennsylvania. Tom and Kevin install new wood wainscoting to replace the worn out, poorly made version that used to be there. Norm learns about Charlestown's ancient past from city archaeologist Joe Bagley.

  • Roger visits the Sullivan Square Community Garden, while Richard works with fireplace expert John Sullivan. Norm and Tom add some subtle Greek Revival details to the interior window trim package. Roger takes homeowner Angela Daigle to see the hidden gardens of Beacon Hill. Painting contractor Mauro Henrique paints the exterior window trim on our row-house.

  • The front of the building is obscured by scaffolding. Tom shows Kevin how he'll have to modify the old chimney for the new gas fireplace units. The third floor master suite is all framed up. Mason Mark McCullough presents options for rebuilding the decaying retaining walls at different price points. Then, they dig into the demolition. Richard shows Kevin the progress on plumbing and electrical.

  • Tom builds a structural wall inbound of the brick foundation. Richard shows Kevin the result of two weeks of hand digging and rough plumbing. The radiant heat/insulation system is going in. Tom joins to get the first of two massive LVLs tucked into the pockets in the brick sidewalls. Tom shows Kevin how he's going to open up the back wall for the new bump out.

  • Homeowner Angela Daigle shows Kevin the period feel and features of her home that she loves. Upstairs, Tom Silva shows Norm the spaces that will likely be a full gut to give Angela a better master suite with additional living space. Out back, Roger shows Kevin the sad state of the crumbling retaining walls. Norm and Tom test for lead paint before beginning demo on the first floor.

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