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The Steve Wilkos show is hosted by Steve Wilkos. Wilkos is a former police officer and hosts the show in front of a live studio audience. Each show features one or two groups of people with a similar scenario and they try to come to a resolution to whatever problem that the group is facing.

Popular topics covered on the show are paternity, child abuse and neglect cases, and accusations of cheating. During the show, Wilkos will speak with all parties involved in a disagreement. Usually he speaks with the party who is making allegations first and then brings out the presumed guilty party to hear their version of the story. The show often runs lie detector tests on the accused cheaters, or abusers to see if they are telling the truth. Paternity tests are also done in cases where paternity is disputed. Often, guests on Wilkos' show are upset and can become emotional or even violent.

Daily 11:00 AM et/pt on NBC Universal
4 Seasons, 78 Episodes
July 9, 2015
Talk & Interview
Cast: Steve Wilkos, Daniel Ribacoff
The Steve Wilkos Show
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The Steve Wilkos Show Full Episode Guide

  • Elise wants to clear her name of cheating, while her ex-partner wants to put things in the past; Brian accuses his wife of sleeping with anybody and everybody.

  • Steve looks back at some of the more intense relationships highlighted on the show in its first 10 years.

  • Brandy and Rob are accused of child abuse after their 8-month-old daughter is rushed to the ICU with a skull fracture; Annie is accused of intentionally feeding her son baby oil and trying to sell him for $250,000.

  • Marilyn says her relationship with Deandre ended abruptly when their young daughter accused Deandre of abuse; Troy claims that his granddaughter is being coached to say he molested her; Noel's family refuses to believe her accusations of molestation.

  • Past guest Chaz says he found his wife's picture on a sex website; Hank says his children have told him that his partner has been unfaithful.

  • Past guest Amanda leaves Eli and moves to a Middle Eastern country with a man she barely knows; Julie hopes Stephon is the father of her youngest child.

  • Released from jail with all charges of child endangerment dropped, Ernest is determined to get his family back; Misty's past continues to haunt her as she is being accused of allowing men to touch her youngest daughter so she can score drugs.

  • Mandy says she is fed up with being accused of cheating on her husband; David returns to the show to clear his name again; Christina's new husband confessed to cheating at swinger parties.

  • Steve recaps memorable stories involving the paternity of children.

  • April says she was raped by a stranger in her own home, but people have told her boyfriend that she consented to having sex with the man; Lauren is accused of flashing and propositioning her boyfriend's best friend for sex.

  • Jess' 10-month-old son sustained second- and third-degree burns while being watched by her husband's girlfriend.

  • Derohn accuses his bride of cheating on him with multiple men, including her own son; Troy has admitted to cheating with his ex on several occasions, and his new wife needs to know if there are others.

  • Doctors say George's son has injuries associated with shaken baby syndrome; Danielle's son told authorities that his mother's boyfriend hit him in the face so hard it knocked out his tooth.

  • Alexis found text messages from other women on Trevelle's phone; Monique and Hector's relationship was fine until a fire destroyed his storage unit and valuables, and after receiving a check from the insurance company, Hector skipped town.

  • A look back at some stories in which Steve helped get justice for children who were abused and molested; updates on the families and what happened to them after they left the show.

  • Demetria received a text message from a man who claimed that he had sex with her husband; Dominique accuses Jordan of rape, and she accuses him of having sex with men.

  • Steve takes a trip down memory lane, revisiting some of the show's most jaw-dropping stories and incredible reactions to the truth.

  • Katina thinks that either her husband or her mother stole money that was meant to cover bills and expenses for her children; young Jazmine's mother's murder remains unsolved.

  • Pregnant Caprice learns she has an STD; Shawanda's boyfriend accuses her of having sex with his family member and a friend; Gloria, who says she has been with only one man, learned she had an STD after her first child was born.

  • Delisa accuses her daughter's father of molestation; Mercedes and her boyfriend are accused of molesting her daughter.

  • Someone told child services that Tammy was neglecting her baby and selling and using drugs around him; Jameka is accused of having something to do with her nephew being molested.

  • Havannah says she has no recollection of what happened after a night of heavy drinking and believes she was raped

  • Joanndrea says she was told that her 2-year-old daughter revealed she was sexually touched by Joanndrea's fiance; Dustie says her young son's deadbeat dad sexually abused him.

  • Kevin accuses his fiancee and her son of incest.

  • Asmar believes that his ex killed their baby daughter; Jeffrey and Carissa are unable to account for their infant son's multiple rib fractures, two skull fractures, and lacerated spleen.

  • Justin has gone to great lengths to find out if his wife's three youngest children are his; Vanessa says her new marriage is being destroyed by constant cheating accusations.

  • Lamadriana says she couldn't believe it when she saw her 1-year-old son with facial injuries and has no idea what caused them; Ben says he is innocent of beating his infant son, but police pressured him to confess.

  • Christopher's niece claims that he violated her, and his sister believes that he was responsible for allowing their mother to die.

  • Casey's daughter says her grandfather molested her; Tamira accuses her ex of molesting their son.

  • Ashley's questionable past prevents Antwaun's mother from accepting Ashley's children as her grandchildren; Shannon wants to be sure Taylor's kids are her grandkids before she gets too attached to them.

  • Starr thinks her partner is molesting their kids; Jodie called the show as soon as he was bailed out of jail for sexual abuse of a minor.

  • All of Chaquanna's children were taken from her because the baby suffered various injuries that have left her paralyzed; Crystal and Darrell were accused of abuse because their daughter sustained serious injuries, including brain damage.

  • I Know My Brother Cheated on the DNA Test

  • Fatima, who had to testify against her stepfather when she was a child, fears that his brother is molesting her 5-month-old daughter; Lorraine fears that her husband has been sexually abusing their son.

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