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This is the ultimate makeover show-for businesses. Marcus Lemonis finds failing or near failing businesses and swoops in to save them, with one catch: the owners have to do it his way. Marcus goes over the books, the files and essentially leaves no stone unturned in his thorough research of all aspects of operations. Marcus develops a plan that can bring the most success and even offers his own money and expertise as a partner in the venture. The allure is the scandals that he sometimes uncovers concerning shady doings behind the scenes and how he confronts employees and demands change if they really want his assistance. Marcus Lemonis is direct and fearless in his advice and at times that ends up with his walking away from a sinking ship without throwing the lifesaver.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on CNBC
5 Seasons, 76 Episodes
July 30, 2013
Action & Adventure, Family, How To, Learning & Education, Reality
Cast: Adrian Pasdar, Lisa Darr, Lisa Blount, Jack Gwaltney
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  • A classic restaurant chain in which Marcus invested $750,000 in 2016 is on the verge of ruin once again thanks to fighting between partners and mismanagement.

  • A New York City designer has his sights set on becoming fashion royalty, but his company is plagued by disorganization, lack of focus, unpaid loans and an understaffed store.

  • A California company specializing in retail displays struggles to stay relevant, and its owner can't let go of control, which slows the process, limits creativity and pushes the business right to the brink, so Marcus must persuade him to let go of the reins and help his wife and partner come into her own.

  • A cookie company in New Jersey owned by a 13-year-old entrepreneur and his mother faces serious growing pains, in part because the latter is resistant to change, which has led to missed opportunities in recipe development and retail expansion.

  • Monica Potter of the hit television series Parenthood started a home goods store near her family in rural Ohio. She doesn’t have time to run the store herself but can’t relinquish control to any of her employees.

  • At a Detroit-based denim business, the jeans are stiff...and so are the owners.

  • A Colorado manufacturer of tiny homes faces massive issues, mostly due to its owner's lack of leadership that has put the business in more than a million dollars debt and sunk morale to an all-time low.

  • In the Season 5 premiere, Marcus opens his books to reveal what happened after the cameras stopped rolling, and explains which deals paid off and which ones cost him millions.

  • Marcus Lemonis travels throughout California, where a new law will soon allow any adult to buy cannabis legally, and profiles several pot entrepreneurs, from small-scale startups to multi-million-dollar ventures.

  • Marcus Lemonis shares his top 10 most important rules for success while sharing key moments of past episodes.

  • A family-owned chocolate shop was started by three siblings in support of their chocolatier father; despite circumstances becoming desperate, the family is resistant to change.

  • Marcus helps a gelato popsicle company whose owner jumped the gun by starting a franchise business and now suffers from a waning work ethic.

  • Marcus helps a California entrepreneur who went all-in on a coffee business with no prior experience and got in over his head.

  • Marcus helps a sound-proofing company, started by two best friends, which has so little cash they must rely on unpaid volunteers.

  • Marcus helps a family-owned haircare company that is at a breaking point because of the father's costly side projects.

  • A family-run swimwear company struggles to connect with consumers due to poor leadership, outdated designs and misguided processes.

  • A Manhattan-based fashion designer is failing because she lets her family and co-workers overpower her. If Marcus can’t help her gain self-confidence, this business will unravel.

  • A Mexican-American’s tortilla business is being decimated by big competitors. Marcus will team up with George Lopez and the owner to develop products and make this American dream a reality.

  • A kitchen supply store in Manhatten faces extinction following the owner's divorce; Marcus tries to get them working together again.

  • A father and son with a broken relationship are leading their tea shop franchise into dangerous territory. If Marcus can"™t get them to separate their business and personal lives, tea time will be over...for good.

  • $250,000 for 30% of the business and 70% of the trademark "Best in Show"

  • A Chicago catering company has suffered a steep drop in sales - and its anxious owner is taking out his frustration on his employees. If Marcus canâ€ôt bring the team together and get them back on the path to growth, this business could end up on the chopping block.

  • Two Southern California entrepreneurs struggle to keep their charity-centric watch business afloat. Their rushed process, unfocused branding, and emotional baggage have gotten in the way of their original purpose. If Marcus can't get these founders back on track, their business will stop ticking for good.

  • A Milwaukee-based chain of soup restaurants has been struggling since its co-owner"™s sudden passing. The remaining owner"™s stubbornness and lack of business know-how are putting a strain on the company and its employees. If Marcus can"™t get him to open his mind, tension at The Soup Market will boil over.

  • A Los Angeles clothing brand is floundering due to its owner's inconsistent designs and wasteful spending. His brother and sister have stepped in to help, but even they can't get him to change his ways. Unless Marcus can succeed where they've failed, DiLascia will go out of style - forever!

  • Two business partners have revived an iconic family restaurant chain, only to run it right back into the ground. If Marcus Lemonis can't help restore some leadership to this beloved brand, it'll melt down - this time for good.

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