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The Affair is a television show that tells the story of a marriage between two normal people that is plagued by infidelity. Using a two person narrative, the story is told from two different perspectives, male and female, which propels the story forward and provides background as to how the individuals got to where they are. Using a two person narrative, issues such as memory and the role of gender come into play. The drama provides a deep look into each character's emotional well-being and the mental state as a result of the extra-marital affair.

At first glance, The Affair is about the infidelity of a married man, Noah, with a married waitress, Allison, whom he meets at the beach. However, adding intrigue, The Affair also contains a mystery revolving around a crime. Each episode divulges false and accurate clues as to the mystery with the ultimate reveal at the end of the 10-episode season.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on Showtime
3 Seasons, 32 Episodes
October 12, 2014
Drama, Family, Romance
Cast: Dominic West, Ruth Wilson, Joshua Jackson, Maura Tierney
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The Affair Full Episode Guide

  • In the third season finale, Noah's absence leaves Juliette time to focus on other things besides the unhappy realities at home. A chance encounter gives Noah an opportunity of healing a relationship in desperate need of help.

  • Helen's flight to Montauk intensifies her guilt and provokes an identity crisis. Noah's world falls apart, leaving him to contemplate something horrific.

  • An unforeseen reason to celebrate ignites a sobering discovery in Alison. Soon after, a disturbing warning leaves her questioning the unthinkable.

  • Helen offers Noah the assistance he needs - but at what cost? At his absolute weakest, Noah's life has never felt more hostile or bewildering. A crucial moment of release turns quickly into something that can't be undone.

  • An unexplained absence pushes Helen on a voyage of increasingly troublesome findings. Made to return to a place he's spent his life trying to get away from, Noah tries to fix his relationship with Martin.

  • Alison is determined to spend an unforgettable day with Noah on Block Island for a strange reason. Noah is left forlorn by their profound connection, until the issues from which he was escaping return with surprising energy.

  • Cole is placed in an increasingly difficult situation by Alison's return to his life. Alison must battle with Luisa while trying to reconnect with her daughter. Simultaneously, a dangerous fascination threatens to ruin everything.

  • Fleeing secrets she left behind in Paris, Juliette finds Noah a tempting prospect. But a scary event breaks all hope of an easy affair. Meanwhile, Noah must battle like never before to understand what just happened.

  • Helen is heartbroken by Noah's demands. Alison's worst fear becomes a reality.

  • Noah finds himself battling with the trials of the past as he attempts to tackle the hardships of his new life.

  • A surprising admission makes Noah shy away from his new life. In the meantime, Alison is truthful with herself and Noah; a disagreement between Cole and Scotty results in tragedy; and a twist of events for Noah has shocking results.

  • A streak of revelations shake up Noah; Alison makes an important decision.

  • Noah struggles with some pertinent questions. In the meantime, Alison starts to doubt a new aspiration, and renewed dealings with the Lockhart brothers make her think about a frighting possibility.

  • Alison endures a big journey alone; Helen is given surprising attention from an inviting but exasperating source; Noah comes up against a horrible confrontation; Cole is set to the limits by various hardships.

  • Helen is confused by Whitney's ideas for her future; Helen shocks Noah with a difficult confession; Noah is confronted with more temptations as his fame grows.

  • Alison's mom asks questions about Noah and Alison's new way of life; Alison approaches Noah about his disclosing new book during Thanksgiving dinner; Cole gets mad at Luisa and is pushed farther away from his family due to shocking revelations.

  • A medical crisis with Martin puts Helen and Noah's case in a new perspective; Helen makes a long-in-the-waiting choice; Noah is shocked when Alison desires to remain with her mom at the Sousanna Institute and recognizes that their relationship has changed.

  • Alison is angry with Noah when she accidentally finds out about his new book. Also, Cole turns down Scotty's money making idea and Scotty finds Cole in a situation that needs to be kept quiet.

  • Helen accidentally makes a mistake that gives way to shocking results. Also, Noah and Alison face an obstacle due to a court order.

  • Noah's everlasting love for Alison results in serious ramifications. Also, Alison finds out a shocking verity about how to preserve a marriage.

  • Alison's summer with Noah is interrupted. Cole's lifestyle becomes worrisome.

  • In the second season premiere, Noah and Helen's divorce becomes complex.

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