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From the New Horizons mission that saw Pluto for the first time to the Mars rovers, a new breed of explorers are risking their careers, and even their lives, to lead humanity to worlds we have never seen. From the beginning of our Solar System to the evolution of the Universe, these heroes are tackling the mysteries of life itself.

3 Seasons, 42 Episodes
April 26, 2016
Science & Technology
Cast: David O'Brien
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Space's Deepest Secrets Full Episode Guide

  • New discoveries shed new light on dark matter, one of the universe's biggest mysteries.

  • New discoveries uncover the true story of the universe's creation.

  • New discoveries reveal the secret dangers lurking in the cosmos.

  • New discoveries uncover possible evidence of alien life.

  • As modern-day explorers race to send humans to Mars, the latest discoveries uncover the dangerous secrets of the Red Planet.

  • Go inside the untold stories of some of NASA's greatest and most legendary missions.

  • New discoveries reveal the secrets of our sun.

  • New discoveries uncover the mysterious nature of black holes.

  • New discoveries reveal the secrets of the most extreme stars in the universe.

  • An exploration of gravitational waves.

  • Scientists on the hunt for extraterrestrial life suspect that it might be closer than we think: our very own solar system; using the latest discoveries, experts might, at last, confirm that our neighbors might harbor alien life.

  • The latest discoveries reveal the mysterious and ever-changing nature of the sun; astronomers are only now beginning to understand the vast power of the giant star, and new ground-breaking investigations show it like never before.

  • Go inside the final moments of NASA's Cassini mission, a 20-year project to explore Saturn and its moons; Cassini revealed the secrets of strange new worlds that could harbor alien life, changing everything we know about our Solar System.

  • Space entrepreneurs are on a race to transform space travel to create a home for humans beyond Earth. In this twenty-first century Space Race, modern day visionaries as they plan regular rocket launches, space hotels, and colonies on Mars.

  • Meteors are a deadly threat to our planet, but new technology may provide a way for Earth to fight back when they attack. Join experts as they uncover the mysteries behind these fascinating and terrifying celestial objects.

  • Scientists are in a race to find the beginning of time and space: the Big Bang; cutting-edge technology helps astronomers look back in time to uncover the mysteries of our universe's creation, revealing the first moments of the cosmos.

  • For decades, researchers have been scouring the universe for signals from extraterrestrials; new discoveries reveal mysterious fast radio bursts from space that may be the key to confirming life in the cosmos.

  • The most extreme stars in our universe could be the key to understanding life in the cosmos; these monster stars are among the oldest in the universe and can be hundreds of times larger than our Sun and burn over a million times brighter.

  • Scientists believe that there is an undiscovered massive planet lurking at the edge of the solar system. Join researchers as they hunt for this mysterious world, an investigation that could reveal the secret history of the solar system's formation.

  • Recent discoveries have revealed vast clouds of dark matter in our universe; this mysterious matter could be proof that multiple universes exist; join researchers as they investigate the secrets of dark matter.

  • New research into our solar system's alien volcanoes reveal shocking discoveries; many of these fiery wonders are similar to the volcanoes on Earth, and some might even have created the conditions for extraterrestrial life.

  • NASA's Juno mission reveals secrets about Jupiter, a strange world that is more like a star than a planet; learning what lies beneath the planet's violent storms provides scientists with a new understanding of the solar system.

  • Researchers investigate the dark secrets of the mysterious phenomenon known as black holes.

  • Scientists investigating dark energy make findings that cause them to re-examine the work of Albert Einstein.

  • New discoveries on alien planets reveal the most violent storms and strangest weather in the universe including the possibility of raining rubies and diamonds, frozen wastelands and hellish infernos.

  • NASA's most inspirational and formative moments are highlighted.

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