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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out is an American TV game show featured on MTV networks. Wild 'N Out is a show in which two teams of comedians and celebrities battle with jokes, slams, and insults to see who wins the championship title at the end of each show. There are two teams that compete, the red team and the black team. The show is filmed in front of a live audience, and fans are permitted to be loud as crowd reaction helps feed into the game itself.

Generally seasons have been pretty strait forward, however there were changes made after season one. The most major change, the Championship belt, began being awarded in season two. The show also moved to Hollywood, California beginning in season two. Though for the most part the show has kept the same scenery, they also aired a spring break episode in which they were in Cancun in front of the MTV Spring Break crowd.

The winning team is deemed such by taking a point total at the end of the episode. The point system breaks down fairly simply, as there are three improv style events - worthy of one point a round to the most successful team. The only round that changes the point system, is the final round - Wild Style. Wild Style consist of the teams rapping insults at each other and for each freestyle deemed successful by the judge/dj - DJ D-Wrek, they are awarded a point to add to the team total.

The show has featured several celebrity guests and always ends with a musical performance as well. Celebrities have included such stars as Lil Jon, Wayne Brady, and rap group Three Six Mafia, as well as many more! The celebrity guest always captains the black team, as the host Nick Cannon always anchors the red team. At the end of each episode if the black team in the winner, the team captain (guest celebrity) gets to take the Wild 'N Out championship belt home!

Thursday 11:00 PM et/pt on MTV
10 Seasons, 148 Episodes
July 28, 2005
Cast: Nick Cannon, DeRay Davis, Mikey Day, Leonard Robinson
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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out Full Episode Guide

  • Nick Cannon, Quincy, Christian and Justin Combs battle it out in "So Fly," "Family Reunion," "Remix" and the "Wildstyle" battle.

  • Nick Cannon, Keyshia Cole and Smokepurpp compete in "R&Beef," "Plead the Fifth," "Family Reunion" and the "Wildstyle" battle.

  • Nick Cannon, Ayo and Teo compete in "Let Me Holla," "Eat That Ass Up," "Sex, Flix, & Chill" and the "Wildstyle" battle.

  • Nick Cannon, Machine Gun Kelly and Sommer Ray compete in "Pick Up and Kill It," "Talking Spit," "Bullspittin'" and the "Wildstyle" battle.

  • Nick Cannon, Santa Claus and Slick Woods compete in "Remix," "So Fly," "R&Beef" and the "Wildstyle" battle. Jacquees performs.

  • Nick Cannon, Serayah and Fatboy SSE compete in "Talking Spit," "R&Beef," "Bullspittin'" and the "Wildstyle" battle. Serayah also performs.

  • Nick Cannon and the Wu-Tang Clan compete in "Pick Up and Kill It," "Let Me Holla," "Hip Hop History" and the "Wildstyle" battle.

  • Nick Cannon, Rick Ross and Yes Julez compete in "Talking Spit," "Broadway Remix," "Plead the Fifth" and the "Wildstyle" battle.

  • We’re counting down the Wild ‘N Out’s most viral moments. The cast, a group of social media stars on their own, discuss what it takes to blow up the internet.

  • Nick and the cast countdown the 15 times things got a little too hot for TV. It’s a Wild ‘N Out love affair with kissing cast members, dirty jokes, and guests that took it too far and, sometimes, just took it off.

  • Nick Cannon and a celebrity guest will lead two teams of improv regulars in a comedy battle before a live audience.

  • Nick Cannon, DJ Self, Demaris Lewis and Kodie Shane square off in "Let Me Holla," "Turn Me Up in the Headphones," "Bullspittin'" and the "Wildstyle" battle.

  • Nick Cannon, Lil Rel and Mia Kang compete in "Talking Spit," "Family Reunion," "Got Props" and the "Wildstyle" battle. Also: Ayo & Teyo perform.

  • Rapper Rick Ross and Yes Juelz join Nick Cannon for an epic battle on this episode of Wild N' Out.

  • Nick Cannon and Young M.A compete in"Broadway Remix," "Star Sighting," "Pie or Die" and the "Wildstyle" battle.

  • Nick Cannon and Killer Mike battle it out in games: Pick Up and Kill It, Hood Jeopardy, Hip Hop History, and the Wildstyle battle. Run The Jewels performs.

  • Remy Ma and Papoose compete in "Flow Job," "Rest in Peace," "Broadway Remix" and the "Wildstyle" battle. Also: Hitman Holla and Conceited perform.

  • Nick Cannon, Tami Roman and Lecrae battle it out in games: Why You So Petty, Talking Spit, Family Reunion, and the Wildstyle battle.

  • Nick Cannon, the New Edition Cast, and Nick Grant battle it out in games: Eat Dat Ass Up, R&Beef, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, and the Wildstyle battle.

  • The New Edition cast and Nick Grant; ``Eat Dat Ass Up''; ``R&Beef''; ``Breaking Up Is Hard to Do''; ``The Wildstyle.''

  • Dave East and Nev Schulman; ``Pick Up''; ``Kill It''; ``Hood Jeopardy''; ``Broadway Remix''; ``The Wildstyle.''

  • Vic Mensa; Method Man; ``Let Me Holla''; ``Pick Up''; ``Kill It''; ``Hip Hop History''; ``The Wildstyle.''

  • Chance the Rapper; "Let Me Holla''; "So Fly''; "Pick Up & Kill It''; "Family Reunion''; "Pie or Die''; "The Wildstyle'' and Saba performs.

  • Cast members give details about moments that turned celebrities like Shaquille O'Neal, Erykah Badu, Kevin Hart and Chance the Rapper into legends.

  • Nick and the cast count down the 15 times things got a little too hot for TV.

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