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Mysteries at the Museum is a television program that explains the history surrounding museum artifacts. Each episode exhibits artifacts from various museums around the country. The show then focuses on a few artifacts per episode, explaining the artifacts' origin, history, and the reason for its display.

Mysteries at the Museum is appropriate for most age levels, though is aimed mostly at an older viewing audience interested in learning about history. Each episode runs one-hour in length and examines several different artifacts. Viewers can use the information for personal interest, or to plan a trip to various U.S. cities to learn more regarding the featured museums and artifacts.

The show is hosted by Don Wildman, also known for his work on Weird Travels and Monumental Mysteries. The show airs on The Travel Channel. Check your local listings for day and time.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on Travel Channel
17 Seasons, 282 Episodes
November 2, 2010
Family, History, Travel
Cast: Don Wildman
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Mysteries at the Museum Full Episode Guide

  • Don examines a Geiger counter, a pair of silver shoes and a skull.

  • Don examines the motives behind America's first political assassination.

  • Don examines an American icon, a thwarted bomb plot and a wartime escape.

  • Don investigates the cause and aftermath of a 1972 flight disaster.

  • A scandal that rocked 19th-century Paris, a life-or-death chess game during the height of the Russian Revolution, and a Sasquatch sighting that goes viral are investigated by Don Wildman.

  • Don investigates one of the most epic stories of survival in the Antarctic.

  • Don Wildman presents a campaign to save a New York landmark, a bouncing bomb during World War II, and a journal of two men as they rowed across the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Don Wildman examines a young man's escape from Cuba, a murder revealed by a shark, and a duel that took place in hot air balloons.

  • A legendary scam artist, an African lake with a hidden danger, and a young girl who celebrated her birthday at the White House are investigated by Don Wildman.

  • Don examines a whirlwind adventure, a deep-sea enigma and a Cold War plot.

  • Don Wildman examines purported diaries of Adolf Hitler; a weather disaster that led to the invention of the bicycle; and a possible scientific explanation for the story of Exodus.

  • Don Wildman investigates a dog with a sixth sense for danger; the harrowing tale of a drill rescue; and a magazine detailing the murder of a famous model.

  • Don examines a life vest worn during a harrowing ocean rescue, an oven used to cook a pizza fit for a queen and a harrier jet that narrowly escaped disaster.

  • Don examines the insider who took down Al Capone, a jet engine that was used in a daring railroad experiment and a portrait painted by a woman who overcame insurmountable odds to become a world-renowned artist.

  • Don Wildman highlights harrowing tales of survival against the odds, including a rescue mission inside an active volcano and a dramatic kidnapping with a Hollywood ending.

  • Don Wildman investigates an escape by stagecoach in the Wild West, an Alaskan town plagued by an arsonist, and the tale of a missing mummy.

  • Don investigates a record-breaking swimmer, a war hero and a secret tonic.

  • Don examines a lock of hair, a wartime journal and a telescope.

  • Don travels to Romania to unearth the origins of the vampire legend.

  • Don examines a plane crash, an iconic tongue twister and an unusual boat.

  • Don examines a stuffed bear, a fireman's pike and a bottle of whiskey.

  • Don Wildman examines how an iconic headline came to be, the real-life inspiration for a literary villain and the search for millions of dollars of sunken treasure.

  • Don investigates a road trip, a criminal crusader and a canyon adventure.

  • Don examines a printing press, a model plane and the American flag.

  • An attempt to record the life cycle of a tornado, a record breaking $ 100 million heist, a bitter war between two famous movie producers, building a bridge to Canada.

  • Don Wildman investigates a Titanic survivor plagued by disaster, the cause of mysterious crop circles in England and the case that created the first NYPD female detective.

  • Don examines a rescue, a pint-sized prodigy and a lost civilization.

  • Don examines a pocket calendar, a space shuttle and an angelic organ.

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