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It is exactly what it sounds. When lottery winners get their hands on a pile of cash bigger than any they've ever seen, an over-the-top hunt for a new pad ensues. HGTV is there to catch the action, anxiety, and overwhelming joy as newly-rich millionaires scour the town of Riverside, California in search of their dream home. From indoor pools to movie theaters to ocean-front vistas, 'My Lottery Dream Home' takes us somewhere we've all dreamed of being: In the home of our dreams with a seven-digit checking account balance. Hosted by David Bromstad, 'My Lottery Dream Home' is a tamer 'Cribs.'

Friday 11:00 PM et/pt on
3 Seasons, 46 Episodes
March 7, 2015
Home & Garden, Reality
Cast: David Bromstad
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My Lottery Dream Home Full Episode Guide

  • Fran stopped by the grocery store for milk and came home multi-millionaire from a lottery win. Now, she and her partner Sharon are planning to retire and want to find their dream home in Suffield, Connecticut, with enough space to entertain their whole family.

  • After a lucky $4 million win, a 27-year-old man keeps his head high and plans a brilliant future. He plans to go from tenant to landlord of his own home, making his mother proud. David Bromstad helps them find the perfect project.

  • A Minnesota couple brings David Bromstad back to his hometown to help them find their dream home after winning $1 million on a Powerball ticket. In the beautiful family-friendly suburbs, they can now fit all of their children, dogs and cars in luxurious style with plenty of room to grow.

  • After renting a holiday cabin at the same lake for 36 years, a couple's $2 million Florida State Lottery win means they can now make it a permanent second home. Traveling to Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee, David Bromstad unlocks a hidden paradise and helps them find a cherished family lake house.

  • In the Season 4 premiere, after winning $1 million on a Florida scratcher, a husband and wife realize their dream of owning their own house and land in North Port, Fla. She wants a gourmet kitchen and resort pool and he wants huge backyard to grow fruit trees.

  • A man unknowingly wins $750,000 at a good time, as his wife and five kids are bursting out of their small two-bedroom house.

  • A $4-million lottery win allows a single mother and her 14-year-old son to move out of their tiny one-bedroom sublet and into a bigger place of their own.

  • A former carpenter and his fiancé want to fulfill a lifelong dream of living on the coast of Maine after winning the lottery.

  • A woman that won the lottery with 19 of her co-workers has been dreaming of a new life and home with her fiance. Now, they're ready to look for a grand Tennessean mansion and David joins the search only to discover everything really is bigger in the South.

  • After two years of searching, a woman's dream of living in the Boston suburbs is finally within reach after winning $1 million on a Massachusetts scratcher. But can David Bromstad find her dream home and garden before someone else snatches it in Boston's hot property market?

  • An Indiana couple thinks big after winning a state-record $7 million.

  • After winning a million dollars, a woman gives her son her old condo in Ponte Verde Beach, FL, and seeks a home big enough for her and her hobbies. She has a strong interest in arts and crafts just like designer David Bromstad. Together, they'll find her the perfect hobby home and make her dreams come true.

  • A young Massachusetts couple with six kids was feeling cramped in their two-bedroom house. After winning a million dollars on a quick pick, they're finally able to buy a home big enough for their family with David Bromstad's help.

  • This California couple already has their dream forever home so after winning a million dollars in the lottery, they set out to find their dream vacation home. They've decided to check out their favorite holiday spot in San Felipe, Mexico, but they can't decide if they want to live right on the beach or a few blocks away. David Bromstad is there to help them make this tough decision -- what will they choose?

  • A couple hopes to move from their tiny rental apartment into the home of their dreams near Washington DC after winning a million dollars on a Virginia scratcher. David Bromstad will take them on a tour of various homes near the DC area but the prices are so high they may get priced out of the market.

  • A couple's lakeside retirement dream is now a reality after they scratched up $1 million on a Massachusetts scratch-off ticket. David Bromstad has no trouble finding beautiful properties in Webster, Massachusetts, but can he learn how to pronounce the name of the lake?

  • Two brothers are fortunate to reap the benefits of their parents' $7 million lottery win and search for their very own dream homes. David Bromstad heads to Sarasota, Florida, to show the brothers some gorgeous properties big enough for when the whole family comes to visit.

  • A husband and wife win a whopping $7 million on a New York Cash for Life Lottery and decide they want to live closest to their eldest son in Buffalo, New York. David Bromstad shows them houses to match their millionaire checkbooks, but how far from their son are they willing to go for the home of their dreams?

  • A mother and her two grown daughters find out how far their $1 million lottery win will take them in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. David Bromstad shows them some beautiful properties with enough space for all three to spread their wings, but which one will tempt them enough to buy?

  • After winning a million dollars on a Missouri Powerball Quick Pick, Carla can finally buy her dream home in Nebraska. But can David Bromstad find it with a dining area large enough to seat over 25 family and friends during the holidays?

  • Kathy and her son, Gene, pooled their money to buy a lottery scratcher while living in California. After winning $1 million, they've decided to return to their Southern roots by moving back to Tallassee, Alabama. They want to live the Southern lifestyle of their dreams -- fishing for Gene and painting for Kathy. Designer David Bromstad shows them some tempting properties, but will this mother and son ever agree?

  • After a $3 million scratcher win, Brandon, Hannah and baby daughter Naomi can finally move from their one-bedroom rental to a beautiful family dream home in Missouri. They want a big house with a big yard, so designer David Bromstad shows them some huge properties with all the bells and whistles. Will they choose the property with a wine cellar, the landscaped gardens or a basement theater?

  • A Massachusetts native who won $4 million on a scratch card searches for her dream home with help from David Bromstad, who shows her a property with an oceanfront view as well as one with a backyard for visiting grandchildren.

  • Ana and Rafael had always planned on retiring from their life in New York City to paradise in Puerto Rico, so when Ana won $1 million, they found they could retire early and buy their dream home sooner rather than later.

  • Nelly and Pablo were married for just a few months when they won the Wyoming Powerball, and can now afford their dream home in the mountains of Utah that's big enough for their whole extended family.

  • After couch surfing and living from paycheck to paycheck, Craig can now buy the peaceful and quiet land he's wanted in rural Indiana.

  • Todd bought a lottery ticket on the way home from his daughter's baby shower, and now can provide a home to raise her near family and friends.

  • Design expert, David Bromstad takes lucky $5 Million Ohio Lottery winners on a search for the perfect family Dream Home. This young couple need a family friendly neighborhood to raise their son.

  • A Kansas couple wins $1 million on a Powerball ticket and now they're finally ready to move to their dream city, Nashville, TN. David Bromstead will help them find a dream home big enough to host their five grown children.

  • Motorcycle enthusiast and $5 million winner Josh buys the rural property of his dreams in California.

  • A retired couple that loves to spend holidays with family wins $1 million in the North Carolina Powerball and can finally buy the vacation home of their dreams.

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