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The show "Long Lost Family" is an hour long program that is documentary and reality. Each episode is a new story about long lost family members who long to be reunited. The reality is it cuts to the essence of relationship. In one episode an adult child was given up for adoption at around 18 months of age. He tells the interviewer that he understands his mother's reasons, but would be crushed if he were to find out she was and remains unhappy.

A key element is the reunion occurring between the one searching for their family member and that family member. The moment of mutual recognition occurs near the end of each episode, but is a part of the whole episode not the sole reason for it.

Plots include an adopted woman suspects that there are underlying circumstances surrounding her birth; her quest is to discover the nature of those circumstances. Another plot involves a mother searching and finding her son after several decades. Her family had urged her to give up the child for adoption when an infant.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
3 Seasons, 28 Episodes
March 6, 2016
Cast: Davina McCall, Nicky Campbell
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Long Lost Family Full Episode Guide

  • A search by siblings for their sperm-donor father is rocked by Lisa's shocking news; Chris tries to find the family of a woman who was abandoned as a baby on an Amish family's porch.

  • Two sisters confront their Puerto Rican birth father after a lifetime of feeling abandoned. An adoptee turns her back on an upsetting past, as the new relationship with her biological mother flourishes.

  • A young man who received letters from his birth mother longs to know if the words she wrote were filled with truth; a man haunted by the memory of his younger brother being taken from their home longs to reunite the family.

  • A man's 57-year search for his little sister, who he has never stopped loving, continues; a woman longs to meet her birth father, a man she credits with saving her life during an emotionally difficult childhood even though they never met.

  • A woman looks for her mother, but also finds information that changes her view of the past; a man who always longed for a sibling stumbles upon a shocking family murder.

  • Lisa meets a woman who was left on a curb by her mother when she was just 4 years old - she's desperate to find her mother to understand why. Chris uncovers stunning information for a woman searching for her family that leads to an unexpected reunion.

  • Two brothers navigate a painful past as they search for the family and love they've longed for their entire lives. Their journey reopens decades-old family mysteries surrounding their birth mother, twin siblings, and a baby who was only rumored to exist.

  • A grandma searches for peace by finding her granddaughter; a woman yearns to meet her birth mom.

  • Follow the inspiring tales of people who have experienced a lifetime of separation and are longing to be reunited with their birthparents and biological families or find kids they had to give up for adoption long ago.

  • A guy looking for redemption for his troubled past wants to reunite with his grown son he only got to see for a few minutes as a baby; a lady continues to carry regret for being an unwed mother 46 years after placing her daughter for adoption.

  • A lady searches for her brother, hoping to keep a promise she made to her late mom, but what she finds out reveals a 40-year-old secret about her parents' past.

  • A man looks for his mother, whose disappearance when he was 5 years old has troubled him his whole life; a lady heals the emotional wounds of a complete stranger during her journey to meet any member of her biological family.

  • A woman's world was shaken when she discovered she was adopted at 25. As she searches for her birth mother, more dramatic revelations are in store. A mother is in a race against time to find her son, who she placed for adoption 46 years ago.

  • Musician Mark has been eager to find his biological mother since he learned she was an award-winning cellist. Unravelling the mystery, he uncovers heartbreaking details and life-affirming surprises and finally discovers the truth.

  • A woman searches for two younger brothers who disappeared after they were taken by social services 20 years ago; a woman is introduced to her biological mom and hopes it will help her comprehend her biracial identity.

  • A lady looks for the truth about her biological mom, but ends up unveiling more family secrets; identical twin sisters search for their biological mom, but aren't even sure if she's still living.

  • A lady whose parents kicked her out after discovering she was pregnant attempts to locate the son she hasn't seen in almost fifty years; a man desperate to discover his biological brother attempts to heal his mom's broken heart.

  • A lady searches for her sister whom she attempted to adopt herself, but hasn't seen since she was 5-years-old; a couple is determined to locate the son they placed for adoption 50 years ago when they were teens.

  • In the Season 2 opener, a mom's secret is found by newly reunited sisters; a lady looks for her biological mother and the daughter she gave up for adoption; and a lady searches for the son she gave birth to more than 30 years ago.

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