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Life Below Zero is an episodic, documentary television series, which follows seven sustenance hunters struggling to survive in the Alaskan wilderness. The show aims to capture the trails and tribulations these extremely isolated hunters face, living in below zero temperatures amongst with man-eating predators for next door neighbors.

Some of the hunters battle the elements alone while a few have their spouse and kids alongside them as they navigate the harsh, frozen terrain of the Alaskan bush. In one particular episode, a hunter recounts a tale of being attacked by a grizzly bear that bit her in the face, dislocated her hip and dragged her all the way out to the frozen tundra. She played possum and was miraculously released by the bear. The hunter managed to crawl back to her tent, where she was able to sew her wounds closed and radio for help. When she was informed that it would take ten days for a pilot to reach her, the wounded hunter used this time to go back out onto the tundra and shoot the bear that wounded her.

The episodes range from the hunters dealing with deadly grizzly bears and savage wolf packs to unforgiving whiteout snowstorms and a shifting landscape as warmer temperatures arrive with Spring. Amid a wide array of dangers and hardships, the lone constant among each group of hunters is the ever-present need to find and gather food and supplies when the nearest grocery store is 200 miles away by dog sled.

Thursday 9:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
7 Seasons, 98 Episodes
May 19, 2013
Action & Adventure, Documentary & Biography, Drama, Family
Cast: James Franzo, Sue Aikens, Agnes Hailstone, Chip Hailstone
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Life Below Zero Full Episode Guide

  • With only a brief window between breakup and winter, Alaskans scramble to complete chores that will make life easier when the deep chill returns.

  • Daylight for 24-hours in the spring allows Alaskans to work nonstop to prepare for winter.

  • As the ice and snow melt across the Arctic, Alaskans take advantage of the warm season.

  • In the final days of winter, Alaskans use their time to prepare for what lies ahead.

  • Alaskans learn new survival skills as winter loses its grip on the Arctic landscape.

  • At the apex of winter, a lack of snowfall in the Arctic makes basic tasks more difficult

  • Alaskans scurry to find precious resources in a constantly changing winter landscape.

  • In the midst of dark winter, Alaskans burn the midnight oil to complete necessary tasks.

  • Alaskans struggle to survive the brief, cold and dark days as winter overtakes the land.

  • Alaskans race to secure resources and ready their camps for the coming winter.

  • Alaskans harvest necessary resources in unfamiliar territories to prepare for a dark and cold winter.

  • Alaskans attempt to survive a year in the Arctic.

  • Adventurers battle to survive in different regions of the Alaskan wilderness.

  • Andy Bassich lives an independent life with his sled dogs in the remote Alaskan wilderness.

  • As the thaw draws to a close, Alaskans maximize their final days of sunlight in the Arctic.

  • Alaskans must ensure they are prepared to withstand the extreme cold that lies ahead.

  • As the summer begins to fade, Alaskans must take advantage of the long days to prepare for the long freeze that lies ahead.

  • The final leg of Martin's 2500-mile campervan trip around the UK finishes in Pembrokeshire where he rustles up a foraged flower cordial and gets the whole family involved in creating campervan burgers, but the trip may end sooner than expected.

  • As the rivers melt, Alaskans try to stay ahead of the changing landscape.

  • Alaskans face tremendous obstacles with the spring breakup in full swing.

  • As the snow melts and the ice on the waterways breaks up, the Arctic becomes a land of opportunity. The Hailstones hunt, Sue Aikens reopens her greenhouse, and Glenn Villeneuve returns home.

  • With seasons changing in the Arctic, Alaskans hunt in the wilderness before the spring breakup fully arrives.

  • The winter comes to a close but the Alaskans are still struggling with their seasonal duties.

  • Glenn Villeneuve's life above the Arctic Circle is chronicled.

  • Despite Chip and Agnes Hailstone's struggle to live and survive in the Artic, they are determined to pass along the importance of their heritage and native traditions to their children.

  • At the end of a brutal winter, and on the cusp of spring, Alaskans encounter unexpected roadblocks in their struggle for survival.

  • Alaskans pursue scarce resources in anticipation of the coming spring and face some unexpected surprises.

  • The Alaskans travel far to obtain they resources they need for survival.

  • The Alaskans take on different obstacles to ensure a prosperous winter.

  • Repairs, hunting and errands are all on the to-do list as five Alaskans struggle to get through the everyday grind as a long, dark winter looms ahead.

  • The Arctic’s late freeze presents unique challenges for Alaskans as they attempt to gather food and resources for survival.

  • With the freeze under way, Alaskans scramble to secure their livelihoods. Sue Aikens returns to find a dangerous predator lurking just outside of camp.

  • Sue makes needed repairs around camp. Jessie collects fish from his fish wheel. Glenn works to haul a moose back to camp. Chip processes and trades pieces of a caribou.

  • Sue waits on a fuel delivery. Glenn goes on a moose hunt. Jessie revamps his dog lot. The Hailstones begin to build a mobile home.

  • Winter bears down on Alaskans, who make last-minute preparations for the return of the freeze.

  • When taking on the harshest terrain on earth, the only way to survive is by following the law of the land.

  • The Hailstones navigate treacherous waters, Jessie scouts future hunting and fishing locations, Erik and Martha load up on salmon and Sue receives a generous gift.

  • Sue travels to a weaponry in Fairbanks, the Hailstone family head north to collect greens, Jessie constructs new doghouses for his dog team, and Martha goes on a solo duck hunt.

  • The Alaskans gather the supplies they will need in order to survive the long winter months that lie ahead of them.

  • Erik returns to embark on a hunt, and Sue attempts to restock her freezers. The Hailstones get a new boat, and Jessie continues to work on his fish wheel.

  • Technical issues sideline Sue, while weather issues cause the Hailstones to buckle down. Glenn and Jessie find an abundance of food and resources.

  • Glenn goes on a scouting trip, while Jessie rushes to complete his fish wheel. Sue faces setbacks at her camp, and the Hailstones go on a hunt.

  • Summer's onslaught of hunting and fishing prospects leads to hard work and unforeseen challenges.

  • With temperatures rising, Alaskans take advantage of the Thaw's longer days and warming temperatures.

  • A compilation of Season 5, highlighting the environment of Alaska, and all of the challenges it brings.

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