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In this sitcom, Tim Allen plays a sporting goods salesman who is constantly baffled by the events in his daily life that run contrary to his man's-man view of the world. The series is essentially a clone of Allen's previous series, Home Improvement, and its reinforcement of traditional gender roles has made it popular with conservative audiences.

6 Seasons, 130 Episodes
October 11, 2011
Cast: Tim Allen, Nancy Travis, Molly Ephraim, Kaitlyn Dever
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Last Man Standing Full Episode Guide

  • At the store, Mandy incidentally causes a fight between Chuck and Joe; suspecting Vanessa needs to release some steam, Kristen and Eve invite her to their kickboxing class.

  • Mike and Vanessa are ready for Mandy and Kyle to move out until Mike receives unexpected news about Kyle's absentee mom.

  • When Eve doesn't get an invitation to an anniversary party for Rob's parents, Mike and Vanessa offer conflicting advice on what to do.

  • After Mike encourages Vanessa to expand her tutoring business, she takes his advice but gets overwhelmed when he intervenes.

  • Mike and Vanessa are worried their daughters aren't interested in church anymore, so they try to hatch a plan to get them to attend.

  • The winner of the "Meet Outdoor Man" contest thinks Mike's video log houses secret messages. Vanessa creates a lending library to get to know the people in her neighborhood better.

  • Eve delivers shocking news to Mike and Vanessa. Meanwhile, Kyle and Mandy want to take Ed's recently deceased to the taxidermist.

  • Mike schemes to get brothers-in-law Ryan and Kyle to learn how to fix things around the house. Meanwhile, Eve is speechless when her boyfriend tells her that he loves her.

  • When Mike and Vanessa ask newlyweds Mandy and Kyle to tone down their constant displays of affection, Mandy agrees, but only on one condition.

  • Mike is excited when he is asked to submit an artifact to a renowned museum, but things get complicated when Ed confesses this is an honor he's dreamed of his entire life.

  • When Mike and Vanessa refuse Eve's request for money to cover some recording equipment, Kristin offers to front the bill.

  • It's Christmas dinner at The Baxters, and Eve is bringing her new boyfriend, Rob, to meet her dad and the rest of the family.

  • Since she's become unemployed, Vanessa has been spending her time hovering over the family, and it's annoying everyone.

  • Mike tries to persuade Chuck to sell him a car recently left to him by his late father, but Joe may be first in line. At the Baxter home, Kyle shows up with a family Thanksgiving heirloom, and Vanessa voices her opinion about it.

  • Mandy turns into bridezilla as her wedding approaches.

  • Struggling to support Eve's gap year, Mike gives her a difficult lesson on surviving in the real world, but Eve's unexpected reaction catches Mike off guard.

  • It's Boyd's 10th birthday and he's keeping the Baxter family tradition.

  • When Mandy starts vaping, her parents are disappointed, but Vanessa's memories of her old smoking habits surface.

  • When a Jack and Jill wedding shower for Mandy and Kyle is planned, Mike is upset it's on the same day as the big Broncos-Chargers game.

  • In the second season premiere, Dr. Ken continues to be the comedic general practitioner we all know and love.

  • Ed plans a surprise dinner for Mike to celebrate his 25 years at The Outdoor Man, and assigns Joe and Chuck the task of coming up with the after-dinner speech.

  • When Mike finds out Kyle is afraid to meet with the church's new minister, Mike suggests Kyle use him and Vanessa as a strong marriage example. But a recent argument has them seeking counsel from the minister instead.

  • Vanessa hopes that by getting a tattoo, she will be promoted to friend status, instead of just "mom."

  • Mike has a business meeting with famous rock climber, and former girlfriend, Billie Cassidy, to discuss selling her line of climbing gear at the store. An agreement is made on her one condition: that Mike goes on the promotional campaign trip with her.

  • Mike builds a shed for Vanessa. Meanwhile, Kyle is disappointed when Kristin is named Employee of the Month at Outdoor Man.

  • Mike has had his eye on a miniature tank collection once belonging to the late husband of his neighbor, Helen Potts. But when he discovers Helen already sold the collection, he goes to extreme measures to track down the collection to make his own.

  • Mike tries to break up Eve's new band because they sound horrendous, but his plan has unexpected results. Meanwhile, Kyle and Mandy babysit Boyd.

  • Mike convinces Kristin and Ryan that buying a home is better than renting. Mike finds the ideal place for them, but Ryan surprises everyone when he backs out of the plan.

  • When Ed asks Kyle to secretly take an engagement ring to get fitted, Mike sees Kyle with it and mistakingly believes he's going to propose to Mandy.

  • After Eve doesn't get in to West Point Academy, Mike hopes to show her alternative career choices and takes her to Outdoor Man. Mike and Vanessa are then surprised by the influence car mechanic Joe has on her. Mandy makes Kristin feel like they no longer share the same interests.

  • Mike and Vanessa go to extreme measures to impress Eve in their efforts to secure a winner for their annual college alumnae 5k race teams.

  • When Mike realizes how overwhelming it is for Vanessa to get ready for Christmas, he delegates the multiple tasks out.

  • Mike shocks everyone when he suggests Ryan become the coach for Boyd's hockey team.

  • Although Vanessa is disappointed that there will only be her, Mike and Eve at the Thanksgiving table, she's heartbroken when Eve skips one of their holiday traditions and calls it "goofy."

  • When Eve tells the family her annoying best friend Cammy needs a place to stay, Mike hatches a plan for Cammy to stay with someone else, namely the Larabees.

  • Kristin doesn't like when Mike treats her more like a dad than her boss when she tells him she wants to be in charge of the opening of the next Outdoor Man Grill restaurant.

  • When Mike and Chuck decide to watch a football game instead of passing out candy with their wives on Halloween, Vanessa and Carol start pranking them.

  • Vanessa and the girls surprise Mike with a 1967 Impala for his birthday. His excitement to have alone time in the garage with the car dampens when the original owner of the car keeps showing up.

  • When Boyd gets suspended from public school, Mike tells Ryan they should start shopping for private schools.

  • Vanessa tries to educate Eve on why she should be more on board with having a woman president. Meanwhile, after Ed mentions to Mike that he hasn't seen his own daughter for years, Mike and Mandy try to figure out what they have in common.

  • Mike thinks Boyd is old enough to walk home from school on his own, but Ryan is reluctant about it. Meanwhile, Ed and Kyle host a meeting for folks preparing for doomsday;

  • In the fifth season premiere, Mike returns from a long road trip and finds things chaotic. Meanwhile, a tornado is headed for town.

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