For My Man

"For My Man" features the outrageous and shocking stories of women who have been arrested for a crime they committed in the name of love. From a killing spree across the mid-west to an inside informant at the DEA, these women have no limits as to how far they will go to support their men. These are the stories of the obsessions and weakness that fueled their fall from grace.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on TV One
4 Seasons, 50 Episodes
September 7, 2015
Crime, Documentary & Biography
Cast: Matt Gulbranson, Glenn Nelson, David Hammond, Angelz Nation Global Group
For My Man

For My Man Full Episode Guide

  • Jennifer Brundage has found the love of her life. But when distance threatens to keep them apart, she goes to great lengths to hold on to her man. Chade Harris has always played by the rules, until she meets a man that takes her on an unlawful ride.

  • A woman becomes the victim of a pimp in the Bible Belt. Also: a woman tries to find her place in the world and a lover sweeps her off her feet.

  • After a tumultuous childhood, Erica Pugh longs to break free from her parent's strict rules; Yamiley Mathurin's lover derails her promising future.

  • Shakina Feazell finds love while struggling with addiction; Tonie Marie Williams-Irby's new love wants to steal more than her heart.

  • In the Season 4 premiere, a woman falls msyterious ill and looks for a man to help her feel normal. Also: a woman scorches a path of destruction with a lover who fuels her fire.

  • Keeairra Dashiell was your typical girl next door until she met football star, Tyquan Knox; who tackled her heart and convinced her to do the unthinkable. Later, Shameeka Watson’s fiery temper leads her and her husband, Clarence McCord III, to commit a horrendous murder.

  • A couple decide to rob a friend and it ends in tragedy. Also: in Memphis, a couple get trapped in a world of sex crimes that end in bloodshed.

  • A married woman falls for a man half her age. Also: a couple decide to hail a cab with plans to run away without paying after being homeless.

  • Long Islander Shatura Simonee’s forbidden hook ups lead to a deadly family confrontation. Later, Adriana Mason wants to impress her new dealer boyfriend, by helping him steal back his drug money.

  • Shante Thomas had everything going for her until she met DeAndre Minkens and became a part of a deadly plan that will change her life forever. Later, Tina Leja's jailhouse romance with Darnell Smith sparks a jealous rage that leads to murder.

  • Single parent Dominique Atkinson is looking for love when she is introduced to Marquis Cheatham, a cocky young Marine. When their romance starts to brew, she finds out that he’s married and the new couple takes drastic measures to eliminate his wife.

  • A lady falls in love with a man who invites her into a life of theft.

  • A jailhouse romance turns deadly and a beauty queen gets trapped in a love triangle

  • A single mother falls for an ex-con and becomes stuck in a deadly hoax for cash. Also: a lady tries desperately to hold on to a terrible man and a lavish life.

  • A hoax goes awry and creates a big challenge. Also: an underage boy sets out on a journey with a cross-dressing teen.

  • A love triangle snares a lady and her two lovers. In addition: a woman meets a religious man, but he ends up being more dangerous under the surface.

  • A teenage mom confronts a lethal struggle involving her family and her lover. In addition: an online relationship spins out of control.

  • A woman's loyalty is tested by a street-smart man. Also, a young woman falls for a handyman

  • A young lady lays a trap for a handsome suitor and a housewife uproots her life for a romance.

  • A get-rich-quick plot includes a lady and her college sweetheart and a teenager gets involved with a controlling pimp.

  • An officer carries out a violent crime in New Orleans after becoming involved with a street thug; a teen falls for a neighborhood "bad boy."

  • A divorcee's life goes downhill after meeting a handsome model; a young love becomes deadly after a scholarly girl falls in love with a seemingly dreamy boy.