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Deadly women is a documentary series co-produced in the U.S. and australia; the show tells the story of female murderers throughout history, blending interview, expert opinion and dramatic reconstructions. The show began life as a mini series of three episodes airing on the U.S. Discovery Channel and later returned as a stand along series of 60 minute episodes.

Initially Deadly Women aired as a short season of three special episode, each taking a theme of obsession, greed and fear. Broadcast in 2005, the series proved popular and was later commissioned as a stand alone series that has produced over 60 episodes. The mini series, directed by Chris Thorburn included four stories per episode detailing the reasons for and methods of murder used by each female killer. After being commissioned as a season in 2008 the format of the show changed slightly to deliver more detail on each murderer by reducing the number of sories told to only three per episode. Along with the format change the narrator of the show also changed from Marsha Crenshaw to Lynnanne Zager.

Deadly Women is produced in Australia by the Beyond International production company and is shown around the world by Discovery; in the U.S. the series airs on the Investigation Discovery Channel. Despite being based in Australia the series covers murdering women from around the world; the first episode of Deadly Women included an investigation into the murders of a Hungarian noblewoman in the 17th century.

Expert opinion is delivered by former FBI and police experts specializing in the investigation of homicide. Family members and friends of both the victims and the murderer are often interviewed along with members of law enforcement who investigated the case. Deadly Women is probably best known for its historical reconstructions of the cases investigated that reenact the events of each case.

Friday 10:00 pm et/pt on Investigation Discovery
11 Seasons, 158 Episodes
February 8, 2005
Reality, Crime, Mystery
Cast: Lynnanne Zager
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Deadly Women Full Episode Guide

  • Women seek revenge when their love lives turn sour.

  • Women who reach their tipping points and spill innocent blood.

  • Women who "keep it in the family" when they strike.

  • These Deadly Women take the wedding vow "till death do us part" seriously; they make sure their marriages are "Fatal Ties."

  • These Deadly Women sacrificed their loved ones to satisfy their "Love of Money."

  • When these Deadly Women turn green-eyed they reveal their "Hot Tempers, Cold Hearts."

  • Women who enjoy the suffering of others.

  • Two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead. These Deadly Women think they've committed the perfect murders when they "Hit and Run."

  • Women who liked company when they killed.

  • Women walk on the "dark side."

  • Women who brutally turned on family and in-laws are featured.

  • Their affairs are hot... but their tempers are hotter. These Deadly Women's romances are "Illicit and Lethal."

  • These Deadly Women didn't grow old gracefully; they committed "Mid-Life Murder."

  • Cases including friends-turned-enemies are highlighted.

  • A pregnant 20-year-old woman takes deadly measures when her boyfriend threatens to leave her; a woman sets her eyes on her fianc's bank account; involved in a love triangle, a housewife chooses to end one relationship permanently.

  • A highway patrol cop takes her dangerous anger out on her husband; a protective mom becomes overwhelmed with envy over her son's new girlfriend; an unhappy housewife enlists her children's help to kill her husband.

  • Dig into the world of these Deadly Women... and in their "DIY Burial," you will find blood and bone.

  • Greed and lust prompt women to carry out unspeakable acts.

  • A social worker can't take charge of her possessive nature; a friendship is destroyed by jealous delusions; and young romance ends in violence.

  • Ladies who appeased their blood lust among their family circle.

  • Crooked women brave cashing in when the stakes are high.

  • Women who seem sweet natured turn out to be killers.

  • The tales of three females who couldn't let go of their men.

  • A warped young woman celebrates her husband's birthday with a thrill kill; a newlywed reveals her violent side; a young woman seeks revenge after her lover is convicted of a crime.

  • A woman disapproves of her granddaughter's new boyfriend and plots to eliminate him; a man pays for his wife's expensive secret with his life; a woman takes matters into her own hands after her retired husband falls ill.

  • Accused murderer Dr. Shirley Turner has a history of affairs with younger men; Gina Spann's need for attention takes a deadly turn.

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