Cathouse: The Series

Cathouse: The Series centers on the sex workers at the legal brothel in Nevada called the Moonlite BunnyRanch. HBO has also down special spin-offs of the show, such as the Best of Cathouse. However, the specials focused mostly on the negotiations between the brothel staff and clients while the regular series is much more sexually explicit.

The primary owners of Moonlite are Dennis Hof and his girlfriend at the time that the show aired, Sunset Thomas. The latter is a both a former Moonlite employee and a former porn star. Both the regular show and the specials focus on documenting the working lives of the staff of Moonlite. There has even been a five-set DVD collection on Cathouse: The Musical that has also been released to the public. Such documenting arguably helps to humanize the workers and shows what a career in sex work would more ideally be like if it wasn

Thursday at 11:00 PM on HBO
4 Seasons, 26 Episodes
June 16, 2005
Cast: Dennis Hof, Madam Suzette, Isabella Soprano, Air Force Amy

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  • Ready for some red-hot home cooking? Then stop in at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch where you can find feisty fare to satisfy even the most finicky of sex gourmets! HBO presents this tasty 'Cathouse' special taped on location with the hard-partying working girls at Nevada's premier legal brothel.

  • The working girls have grabbed hand held cameras and recorded their accounts of what is going on at the Bunny Ranch. They have taped themselves, recorded their confessions, their guys, and tricks of their trade for you to see.

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