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A colorful group of New York City policemen and women set in their ways of creatively interpreting rules receive a new commanding officer, Captain Ray Holt. Holt is all about discipline and rules, which of course, does not sit well with the talented but lively staff of the 99th precinct. Jake Peralta is a gifted detective with a stellar arrest record, which he thinks entitles him for an easy-ride. His all-time rival, Detective Santiago, always tries to catch up to Jake and outdo him. Sergeant Jeffords, once a fantastic cop, is now constantly terrified of losing the chance to see his twins grow up. Also on staff are the hard working Detective Boyle, the outspoken Detective Diaz, and everyone?s favorite meddler, Gina, the office manager. We see the precinct at its best and at its worst, all with hilarious results. We see them at their jobs doing the work of a normal police station and we also get to know the people outside of their uniforms.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on FOX
5 Seasons, 101 Episodes
September 17, 2013
Cast: Andy Samberg, Stephanie Beatriz, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Full Episode Guide

  • When Seamus Murphy returns to redeem the favor Holt owes him, the precinct searches for a loophole that will allow Holt to uphold his end of the bargain without breaking the law.

  • Rosa begs Jake to help her break some big news to her parents, but her plan is thrown off when they wrongly assume the two are dating. Then, when Seamus Murphy returns to redeem the favor Holt owes him, the precinct searches for a loophole that will allow Holt to uphold his end of the bargain without breaking the law.

  • While the entire precinct attends a funeral in LA, Holt learns that he is in the running to become Chief Commissioner of the NYPD - his dream job. But after missing their flight back to New York, Jake must devise a variety of ways to get Holt back in time for the interview. Forced to stay with some estranged members of the Boyle family, Amy tries to convince everyone that she can be laid back, Terry panics about losing his first-class flight and Charles uncovers some new information about Rosa's personal life.

  • The always unwelcome Vulture pops back into Jake and Amy's lives, threatening to swoop in and take something important away from them. Meanwhile, Boyle and Rosa must track down "Sergeant Peanut Butter," the kidnapped NYPD horse that Charles envies, and Holt challenges Terry to be less image-conscious.

  • Capt. Holt is drawn back into his old addiction while teaching Jake and Terry about poker for their undercover assignment.

  • The Nine-Nine embarks on its fifth annual Halloween Heist and, as usual, everybody has a plan and no one is safe. Relationships and friendships are tested as the title "Amazing Human Slash Genius" must be snagged by midnight, leaving everyone pitted against each other.

  • Now that he's officially back at the precinct and desperate to solve a real case, Jake finds a loophole to get out of his temporarily designated desk duty. Unfortunately, that loophole rests on his ability to pass an official evaluation performed by Holt. While Charles provides Jake with moral support, Terry and Amy help Rosa, who believes Pimento may be cheating on her.

  • When the warden asks Jake to investigate Romero's drug smuggling operation, Jake and Caleb find themselves caught between the loyalty Jake has sworn to both of them. Meanwhile, Amy is offered a deal by a local mobster who claims he can prove that Hawkins is guilty, but Holt and the rest of the gang think they have a safer plan.

  • Jake and Rosa are framed for a crime they didn't commit, and it's up to the squad to find a way to bust them out.

  • As Jake and Rosa continue their search for a bank-robbing operation with Lieutenant Hawkins, they realize there's more to her team than meets the eye.

  • Jake and Rosa try to earn the respect of their idol, Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins (guest star Gina Gershon), while Charles, Terry and Gina test different parenting methods to resolve a conflict between Scully and Hitchcock.

  • Captain Holt's mom seeks support from the precinct after her house is robbed. Meanwhile, Terry, Rosa and Boyle remodel the breakroom and Amy teaches Gina how to change her own car tire. Then, Jake and Rosa try to earn the respect of their idol, Lieutenant Melanie Hawkins, while Charles, Terry and Gina test different parenting methods to resolve a conflict between Scully and Hitchcock.

  • Amy suddenly vanishes hours before taking the Sergeant Exam, and it's up to Jake and Rosa to find her before it's too late.

  • The precinct packs up and heads to the Tri-State Police Officers' annual Cop-Con, which is usually the Nine-Nine's excuse for a big annual party. But the squad's fun is threatened this year when Holt asks them to be on their best behavior. Then, Amy suddenly vanishes hours before taking the Sergeant Exam, and it's up to Jake and Rosa to find her before it's too late.

  • Sergeant Jeffords is stopped by a fellow police officer while off-duty in his own neighborhood. When the incident escalates, Terry wants to file an official complaint against him, but Captain Holt has other ideas. Meanwhile, Jake and Amy get a glimpse into the difficulties of parenthood and answer some tough questions when they babysit Terry's kids.

  • In what could be their final case as partners, Jake and Charles go to extremes to apprehend a local bike thief. When Terry isn't at the top for “Mr. Nine-Nine” (the detective who has solved the most cases), Rosa must think of a way to boost his ego.

  • Terry's ex takes over the evaluation of the precinct, but Jake and Rosa are preoccupied by a burglary that occurred on the set of one of their favorite detective TV shows.

  • With the decrease in crime, Brooklyn will be closing one of its precincts permanently. The Nine-Nine is confident in their evaluation, until the official auditor turns out to be Amy’s ex-boyfriend, Teddy.

  • A number of prisoners flee a prison van, sending the whole squad on a manhunt throughout the city; NFL superstar Marshawn Lynch is the sole key witness; and Jake and Amy place a bet on who will bring in the most inmates.

  • Charles recruits Jake to help him find his son's favorite toy for Christmas, and in the process they face off with a Latvian criminal ring.

  • Captain CJ struggles with a big case, and Jake and Holt decide to help him out. Inside the precinct, war ensues when Terry enforces a green initiative and tells Gina she has to remove her precious space heater.

  • When famous author DC Parlov receives death threats, Jake and Terry take the case, so that Terry can meet his lifelong hero. Back at the precinct, Gina forces her way into the Boyle clan of cousins in an attempt to choose the location of the annual Boyle family vacation. Meanwhile, Holt's anger peaks when Amy chooses Kevin's side in their argument about a math puzzle.

  • At Amy's perfect planned Thanksgiving dinner, Jake goes "full Santiago" (binder and all) in an effort to impress her father, a former cop. While Jake and Amy are preoccupied, Charles is left on turkey duty and Holt helps Pimento cope after learning he can no longer work for the NYPD.

  • Pimento and Rosa decide to get married, so the whole squad joins in on the planning of the perfect wedding under Amy's careful direction. Pimento enlists Jake and Gina to hunt for his grandmother's ruby earrings for Rosa to wear in the ceremony, but the universe has something else in store for them.

  • It’s Halloween and the squad members are determined to win the new defending title of “Ultimate Detective Slash Genius.”

  • In a crossover TV event with "New Girl" Jake is challenged with his first case back at the precinct, where he meets Jess Day, who is visiting New York.

  • Jake and Holt are interrogated after they're caught plotting an attack on Figgis. Meanwhile, a suspicious new captain takes over at the precinct.

  • In the season premiere, Jake and Holt adjust to life under the Witness Protection Program, while Jimmy "The Butcher" Figgis is still on the loose.

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