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This is a television show that runs on the Velocity channel. Bitchin Rides follows the exploits of Dave Kindig as the owner and operator of Kindig Solutions in Salt Lake City. Dave and his staff will transform and customize cars for individuals. Kindig offers innovative ways to transform vehicles on his show. He shows the process of how the vehicles are renovated and customized in a step by step process.

There are a variety of episodes individuals can choose from located on the Velocity channel. One of the recent episodes featured the description of how to convert an Audi vehicle into a unique hot rod for a difficult and sometimes demanding client. These are some of the type of customizations that Bitchin Rides focuses on.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on VELOCITY
4 Seasons, 43 Episodes
September 2, 2014
Automotive, Reality
Cast: Dave Kindig, Kevin Schiele, Ryan Decol, Kris Elmer
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Bitchin' Rides Full Episode Guide

  • Tad Leach wants his dream car built by Kindig It Design. A rare 1955 Lincoln Continental is the new challenge for the shop, and Dave is going big on this build. The upholstery shop updates the seats and headliner on a rare 1969 McLaren.

  • Repeat client and collaborator Ron Meis has a new project for Kindig It and its right in Dave's wheelhouse, a 1927 Shadow Rod. Dave has some new tricks up his sleeve, as a brand new 2017 Bentley Bentayga gets some bitchin styling upgrades.

  • Kevin and Dave gear up for the biggest car show in America--back to the 50's, where once a year over 10,000 cars descend on St. Paul, MN. The 1929 roadster, is given away to one lucky contestant as Dave runs a sweepstakes to raise money for charity. W W W Kevin and Dave gear up for the biggest car show in America--back to the 50's, where once a year over 10,000 cars descend on St. Paul, MN. The 1929 roadster, is given away to one lucky contestant as Dave runs a sweepstakes to raise money for charity.

  • 16 years in the making, Kindig It Design is finally finishing the 67 Nova. Looks can be deceiving however, as this car looks pretty stock on the outside, but underneath the hood is a unique power station. Will it be powerful enough for the client?

  • The guys set their sights on Pleasanton, CA where they will be attending a major West Coast car show, and the competition is fierce. To get to the show they need to get a Chevelle road ready for its owner, that is if the whole staff doesn't get arrested.

  • A '68 Camaro has a new owner who wants to finish off the build, with a new front valance, rear spoiler, fresh paint. Dave's graphic skills shine as he puts a new spin on a classic. A 1965 Mustang with mechanical issues gets a Bitchin upgrade.

  • The Fairlane build comes to a conclusion, as the car is bodyworked, painted, assembled and upholstered. The old school engine is a favorite of the guys, but getting it fired and working properly has the whole team scratching their heads.

  • A 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 that hasn't seen the road since 1957, gets revived. An original FE engine, modified bumpers and some insights from Kevin make this build one to remember. Plus, a father & son challenge the team to make their engines roar.

  • Dave and the crew meet their biggest task of the year when they transform a 1955 Nomad.

  • Bob Cimon travels from Massachusetts to get himself a Bitchin Ride, and Dave is more than happy to turn a stock 68 Camaro into one. Dave hatches a revolutionary way to customize parts, but will his grand plan work?

  • A 2014 Jaguar with only 50 miles and a history of bad luck, arrives at Kindig where its luck is about to change. Handicap golf pro Dennis Walters wants Dave to suicide his doors, repaint the car and de-pimp his ride.

  • Dave Kindig started his career in cars working on Volkswagon's in his garage, and in this episode he purchases a 1962 VW Bus to restore, re-upholster and flip. A Kindig classic, the 1968 Boss Mustang arrives for some upgrades.

  • Otto Vega's Ford 150 crosses the finish line, and the guys scramble to get the exhaust, the color of the car and the engine just right. There's a ton of work going into this super car farm truck, but will Otto like the color Dave picked for the interior?

  • Kindig It Design is in full swing as a farm 1955 F-150 arrives from Miami. Dave wants to do a radical re-design including a custom hourglass shaped bed, extended cab, and sleek grill, but the client has his own opinions on the interior.

  • After 3 years of sitting around Dave gets to work fixing up a 1972 Bronco he purchased to build and sell. Justin thinks Dave needs to rethink his color choices, while Nick struggles to get the engine purring.

  • The shop takes on a new challenge in the form of building a gasser race car, that is if Dave and the client can agree on a color. Dave preps a 2012 pickup truck for his teenage son, who had a little bad luck with his first car.

  • A 1969 Camaro arrives at Kindig It Design, to be completed, and the owner has a very specific mission for Dave and the crew. The upholstery shop is challenged to repair a worn out convertible top, and body man Brandon brings his bitchin ride into the shop.

  • The 52 Pontiac rumbles to a conclusion as the team struggles to get the trim, paint and upholstery just right. Dave and Kevin pull out all the stops getting this Pontiac in cruising shape for Don. Dave adds custom graphics to a 2014 Challenger.

  • Don Heidt has been scouring the country for a rare 1952 Pontiac that he wants Dave Kindig to turn into a Bitchin Ride. He's finally found one, but as the guys dig into the car they find something lurking beneath the metal that threatens the whole build.

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