Beyblade Burst

This anime series follows the trials and tribulations of Beyblade competitors as they move through tournaments in their quest to be the best Beyblader in the world. The series debuted in 2016, and like other Beyblade projects, it serves as a marketing vehicle for a line of Hasbro toys.

Monday at 09:00 AM et/pt on TV Tokyo
2 Seasons, 57 Episodes
April 4, 2016
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoons, Anime
Cast: Sabrina Pitre, Adrian Petriw, Matt Hill, Antony Kim

Beyblade Burst Full Episode Guide

  • Valt heads to Spain to be with his new team and faces distractions upon arriving there.

  • While the team trains at Wakiya's cabin, Toko and Nika become lost.

  • With Wakiya joining the Beyclub, the team travels to his cabin for a training retreat.

  • Valt has to win to get in invitation to Nationals.

  • The ever outrageous Zac the Sunrise, disguised as the Masked Blader, gets to know Toko and Nika; Zac challenges Wakiya to a battle; Rantaro delivers terrible news to Valt.

  • A poorly-disguised Blader starts making an appearance in the Beyblading world; Rantaro and Hoji find themselves in the same practice space.

  • The pressure of the tournament is making Daigo nervous about his upcoming match against Yugo; Rantaro and Hoji find out that they'll have to take on their close friends next.

  • The Beigoma team is given a second chance to enter the National Tournament; Valt faces Ukio in his first match and manages to pull off something extraordinary.

  • Just before a match, Ken is rattled by Xander and his powerful new technique; Valt's must face Xander in a three-point match.

  • Ken takes on the Sword Flames and with new found determination and his friends behind him, Ken appears more powerful than ever before.

  • Valt's team faces a challenge in Ukio's Unicreast. Later: Ken begins acting strangle and the team try to find out why.

  • The team battle Xander's Sword Flames to prep for the Nationals.

  • Xander shows off his skills with Xcalius; the team tries to keep up with his intense training regimen.

  • On a trip to Xander's village, the gang finds it to be full of ninja traps and interesting characters.

  • The District Tournament Final heats up, pitting Valt's fierce Flash Launch against Shu's new Upper Launch.

  • Valt is stuck between following through with a promise and protecting his friend and he has to make a tough decision.

  • Orochi starts to lose his cool in the battle against Shu; Valt gears up for the district tournament final but soon discovers just how severe Shu's injury is.

  • Valt's battle against Wakiya continues; Shu takes on Orochi Ginba.

  • Valt finds out about Shu's predicament as the semi-finals are about to begin.

  • After a humiliating battle against Wakiya, Valt becomes obsessed with winning.

  • The gang meets a musical Blader; Wakiya lures Valt to his mansion for an unofficial battle.

  • Valt and Hoji battle at the District Tournament; Hoji adds a new powerful twist to his launching technique; Wakiya shows off his skills in a match against Haruto.

  • Valt is frustrated because he's unable to repeat his new launching technique; Wakiya demands that Hoji throw his upcoming match against Valt.

  • Valt's mom finds creative ways to help him train for his upcoming battles; Valt has to confront the Rush Launch's greatest vulnerability.

  • Daigo pretends to be a fan of Valt and challenges him to a match; Valt vows to improve his Rush Launch.

  • Valt is excited to start a Beyblade club at school, naming himself club captain; his first challenge is to convince others to join.

  • Valt and his friends make their way through the first rounds of the District Tournament.

  • Valt's recent win leaves him feeling invincible, but Shu warns him that greatness takes tons of discipline and training. An unofficial rematch with Rantaro forces Valt to consider Shu's advice.

  • Valt Aoi and his friends seek out more and more intense Beyblade battles every chance they get. Their principal scolds them when they make a mess in the gym at school, but their dedication and drive catches his eye.

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