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This show follows the work and craftsmanship of six West Virginian woodworkers who use reclaimed wood for all of their intriguing and unique projects. They utilize the materials from old buildings such as barns, homes and other outdoor structures to make their one-of-a-kind creations. The many episodes feature exciting activities such as turning a shipping container into a log cabin, moving a historic log home, making a dog trot out of an old log building, and much, much more. Tune in to this 2014 show to watch the entertaining antics and skillful talents of these woodworking masters as they turn something old into something new.

Sunday 9:00 PM et/pt on GREAT AMERICAN COUNTRY
6 Seasons, 74 Episodes
October 7, 2014
Cast: Mark Bowe, Johnny Jett, Sherman Thompson, Tim Rose
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Barnwood Builders Full Episode Guide

  • The Barnwood Builders save a barn that once housed mules in the iron-mining boomtown of Low Moor, VA. As they work, they find evidence of the barn's industrial past. Later, Mark visits a timber frame that's been converted into a gorgeous wedding venue.

  • Mark checks out a historic home owned by a former Super Bowl champ.

  • Mark Bowe and his crew work through layers of architectural history to uncover an original pioneer home in Minor Hill, Tenn., and they hear stories from family members who lived in the cabin. Mark also visits a beautifully restored log home.

  • The guys head to Bronston, Kentucky, to check out a 150-year-old, double-pen farmhouse built by their client's great-grandfather. She hopes to preserve her pioneer heritage, so the crew takes care to save every log possible.

  • Mark Bowe has a Montana client who wants to give a modern home a classic log cabin look. The only way to do that is to use real logs so the guys build a cabin facade using antique log veneers. They use more log veneers to create a new piece for the Barnwood Showroom. Mark then tours a beautiful home that's fully decked out in reclaimed wood veneers.

  • Mark finds a cabin from a unique moment in history when pioneers started using new technology, the sawmill. The crew also discovers their showroom manager has a surprising personal connection to the home.

  • Deep in a West Virginia holler, the team builds a log potting shed for one of their own, Graham. They outfit the building with reclaimed materials from roof to porch, and Graham discovers the challenges of being a client.

  • The guys are brought in to take down Mt. Olivet Church in Pocahontas County, WV so it can be restored and live a new life.

  • An Ohio double-pen barn is transformed into a huge log home in Cave Spring, Georgia.

  • The guys dismantle an Ohio cabin and discover that it's filled with history, craftsmanship and a lot of cherished memories. Mark also gives the cabin owner tips on how to convert her family's old barn into a modern home.

  • Mark and the guys bring Larry Melton's family log cabin back to life.

  • Mark brings one of his biggest ideas to life: a foldable steel cabin. The crew takes the cabin on its maiden voyage and unfolds it for the first time in the boneyard. Then they add a timber frame facade and a complete barnwood interior to finish it off in style.

  • Mark splits up his crew so they can conquer two jobs at the same time. Johnny and Tim take down a big tobacco barn that has plenty of antique material worth salvaging, while Graham and Alex tackle a log cabin that's still in great shape.

  • After years of searching, Mark Bowe finds the barn he wants to turn into his own home; the guys take apart the bank barn without breaking any of the beams; the team works together to save the hand-hewn beams, flooring and valuable sleeper logs.

  • Mark and the guys go the extra mile to save antique logs from a Tennessee home in distress; they meet Larry, who grew up in the log cabin with no running water; in the end, Mark makes him a one-of-a-kind barn-wood memento of his childhood home.

  • After the flood waters recede, the builders join the recovery efforts in White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.; the team builds a timber-frame pavilion as the centerpiece of a memorial park, and community members build barn-wood picnic tables.

  • Mark finds a perfectly preserved bank barn in Pennsylvania and considers keeping it for himself. Also: he visits a bank barn that has been completely renovated into a high-end home.

  • The guys fight vicious winds to save a giant double pen barn in Ohio.

  • Mark and the guys return to Texas to build a gigantic party barn out of an old timber frame. They use old-fashioned tools to retrofit the barn for modern use, and they install a rare swing beam in the center bent.

  • The builders turn to the old-school method of using ropes to take down a log cabin in Harrisville, W.Va.; later on, they shop at the oldest five-and-dime in the United States and meet some modern-day pioneers who hewed their own log cabin by hand.

  • The guys head to Gatinburg, Tenn. to rebuild a home lost in the 2016 wildfires and they bring the Beam Cabin from a previous project with them, but a narrow mountain pass complicates their plans.

  • The Barnwood Builders build a timber frame kitchen that will be the centerpiece of a high-end mountain retreat in Brevard, NC. Later, Mark and the guys visit some of the architect's other spectacular log homes.

  • The Barnwood Builders never give up on a log cabin and despite some rough going early on, this one turns out to be worth all the extra effort. Mark goes on a cross-county search for replacement logs while the team finds creative ways of pulling the cabin apart without sacrificing its logs.

  • Mark's client has a painting of a log cabin he wants to replicate so the team sets out to find the perfect cabin for the job. After settling on a cabin from an old project, the Barnwood Builders rebuild the structure with its huge logs in Texas. While on the job, Mark visits an original Texan pioneer cabin and discovers something about his crew that he never knew.

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