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"Some things are worth fighting for."

Mel Gibson plays the lead role as Benjamin Martin in the action-packed movie, The Patriot. Benjamin Martin wishes to keep himself, and his South Carolina family out of the American Revolutionary War. However, against his wishes, Benjamin's two sons sign up with others to be part of the South Carolina militia. Soon afterward, a British army division arrives at the Martin farm. The farm is torched. Benjamin's son is killed. These events lead Benjamin to the decision to join forces with other soldiers against the British to avenge his son's death and to protect his family.

The Patriot quickly develops its characters. Within a short time, viewers will find themselves feeling an attachment to Benjamin Martin and the other characters of the movie. Audiences will feel compassion for Benjamin as he tries to connect with his youngest daughter who does not speak.

It is possible to watch The Patriot without knowing a great deal about history. While the plot is based around historical events, viewers will fins themselves emotionally involved with the characters.

As the plot unfolds Benjamin Martin ends up leading a group of soldiers against the British. The group is hunted by the soldier that ordered the burning of the Martin farm and whom ruthlessly murdered Benjamin's son.

One cannot help but cheer for and hope for victory by Benjamin's group of soldiers.

The focal point of the movie is Benjamin out-smarting and out-fighting the wicked, Colonel William Tavington of the British army.

Be prepared to sit on the edge of your seat for all the action in this historical drama movie. The plot and character development will leave audiences quickly deciding whom to root for.

The movie, the Patriot is unpredictable. Just when you think that you know what is about to happen next, the movie takes a new turn and twist. This is one movie that you will not want to leave your seat to get another drink or new refreshment. The action is fast-paced and exciting.

Audiences will find themselves surprised by the ending of the movie, The Patriot. The finale of the movie will leave you talking with friends who have seen this movie. It is not an ending that leaves you frustrated and hanging. The writers of The Patriot go full circle with the plot from beginning to end of this fast-paced movie.

Whether or not you are a history fanatic, you will find yourself enthralled and riveted by The Patriot movie.

| 2000 | 2 hr 44 min | 7.2/10
Roland Emmerich
The Patriot
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