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"Never leave things undone."

Henry Carpenter is an 11-year old boy living in a small town with his mother, Susan, and little brother Peter. Henry invests in the stock market and has made a considerable nest egg for his family. Henry and his mother have a fondness for Henry's classmate and next door neighbor Christina. Christina is starting to act sullen and when Henry realizes it is because she is being abused by her step father, Glen, who is the town police commissioner. When Henry reports the abuse to the school they are reluctant to investigate further and confront Glen without more evidence.

Henry decides to make a plan to rescue his friend from the abuse and writes down a details in a notebook. After a seizure, Henry is taken to the hospital and before he dies asks his brother Peter to give the notebook to their mom so that she can help rescue Christina.

Susan must now decide how to help Christina.

| 2017 | 1 hr 45 min
Colin Trevorrow
The Book of Henry

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