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The swashbuckling hero of Puss in Boots is a complexly animated male cat. Anyone who knows anything about cats knows that the male cat is very protective of his territory and will lash out with his sharp nails at any perceived intruder including his owner. That knowledge of cats is evident in the realistic character of the brave and dashing Puss as he lashes out at foes with his brilliant sword.

No one can say that Puss in Boots is a cartoon since it is an animated movie that was obviously done by people who know cats and who know animation. The speaker for Puss is Antonio Banderas, a native Spaniard who moved to Hollywood to get into the movies. That voice adds to the character that the animation is developing. The viewer can forget that the cat is a cat that speaks and is a cat drawing in fantastic animation style. The viewer becomes enmeshed in the character of Puss mostly due to his voice. DreamWorks has produced a spectacular animated movie that will entrance young and old viewers alike for many years.

The two speakers in Puss in Boots are Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek. Salma Hayek speaks for the character Kitty Softpaws, Puss's female interest and an amazing presence in her own right. As an American produced film using Spanish speakers the cultural integrity of the location has been kept which adds to viewers acceptance and love of the movie. The setting of the film is in old castles probably drawn from Spanish castles and animated to break the perception of the old, crumbly castles most viewers are accustomed to seeing whether in animation or not.

That is another plus in favor of the integrity of the movie. The producers are not showing a silly cat dressed in boots, wearing a Spanish hat and brandishing the sword of Zorro. They are showing a male cat who might be having a dream of being a Spanish hero out to save his lady love and to be her hero. The setting and the characters are deliberately meant to be timeless which might qualify Puss in Boots as a classic in animated films.

If you have never heard the very real Spanish American dialect, you need to watch Puss in Boots. You will also get a charming introduction into the male Latin machismo that is superbly displayed in the male cat Puss playing himself in Puss in Boots.

| 1988 | 1 hr 36 min | 6.3/10
Eugene Marner
Puss in Boots

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