Madea's Class Reunion: The Play

Tyler Perry’s famous old lady character, Madea, is one of the most beloved characters of all time and renowned for speaking her mind in every situation. In this live-action play, Madea attends her 50th class reunion and much insanity ensues. Amidst the comedy and general lighthearted madness, is a plot with a definite heart and a message of friendship and forgiveness.

Some of the other colorful characters you will encounter are Willie, who suffers from some mental illnesses bordering on criminal insanity; Madea’s daughter Cora; Madea’s neighbor and former classmate, Mr. Brown; and Stephanie, a woman haunted by years of sexual abuse at the hands of her husband; and many others.

Many of these characters are very flawed and have obvious personal problems. With her signature and hilarious bluntness, Madea wisely advises them and helps resolve many of these problems. Throughout there will also be several shocking secrets revealed that will change several lives forever.

2005 | 2 hr | 4.2/10
Madea's Class Reunion: The Play
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