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"Your legacy is more than a name"

Creed is another installment in the long-running Rocky Balboa series. However, in this film Rocky is not the central character, at least not in the same way as previous films. Rocky has given up the sport of boxing and hints are dropped that show the long-time hero may not be invincible after all. A young Adonis Johnson, son of former world heavyweight champion Apollo Creed finds his way in to the Rocky's life. Johnson never knew his father who had passed away prior to his birth, but the power and strength of the former champion was runs through his veins.

Johnson heads to Philadelphia in order to find Rocky Balboa, the opponent of his father in one of the most legendary boxing matches in history. Once he manages to track him down he convinces Rock to be his trainer. While Rocky himself is battling something much more difficult than any boxing opponent he turns Apollo's son in to an elite boxer.

The young boxer is quickly propelled to stardom and given a shot at the title. Even though he has a legendary boxing figure in Balboa at his side the questions remain whether he is indeed tough enough to handle the challenges that must be overcome to step in to the ring and exit a champion.

| 2015 | 2 hr 12 min | 7.6/10
Ryan Coogler
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